Mad Teacher Commits Suicide After Sex-Change Op


Do you send your children to school to be exposed to crazy nutcases who can’t make up their mind what sex they are? This is deeply disturbing to children and many will suffer fears and anxiety when told that a man has decided to have his genitalia cut off.

Worse if the school is supposed to be a Christian one. Where exactly in the Bible does it say that you should agree with a man who thinks he is a woman, and politely kid him along?

Nathan Upton on his wedding day in 2009 with the wife he abandoned three years later.

Just before Christmas 2012, pupils at St Mary Magdalen’s Church of England school in Lancashire England were told by the head that when they returned after the holidays, the teacher they had known as Mr Nathan Upton would henceforth be known as Miss Meadows. “Mr Upton has recently made a significant change in his life and will be transitioning to live as a woman,” wrote the head, Karen Hardman, in a letter that made headlines in the national press. Anyone who expressed concern about this was labelled “transphobic”.

Many parents reacted with resentment that their children should be exposed to this sort of abnormal behaviour as a role model, and they sent the information to the national newspapers. Nathan Upton had not only lived as a man  – he had been married and fathered a child before deciding he wanted to be a “woman”. The transsexual rights groups who demanded support  for his decision never once expressed the slightest concern for the effect on his previous wife and child. “Robbie dear, this is your Dad, he’s a woman now….”  What about the feelings of his other relatives, his colleagues, the pupils in his class or even the tax-payers who are expected to pay for the operation? Everybody who disagreed was just accused of “transphobia”.Actually there is no such thing as transphobia. It’s just a fake word made up by barmy people.

“Wayne Cowie, whose ten-year-old son has been taught by Mr Upton for three years, said his children were worried and confused.‘My middle boy thinks that he might wake up with a girl’s brain because he was told that Mr Upton, as he got older, got a girl’s brains,’ the  35-year-old decorator said. ‘He’s a great teacher, but my kids are too young to be told about the birds and the bees like this.’ Mr Cowie said his son had been told he would be punished if he continued to refer to the teacher as ‘Mr Upton’ next term.

Another parent said: ‘This is totally inappropriate. ‘Any teacher who is going to change gender should also change schools.’

Three months after his operation Miss Lucy Meadows a.k.a. Mr Nathan Upton was found dead, and there are no suspicious circumstances. The police say they are treating it as suicide. Clearly he was a very unstable person, emotionally flaky and sexually confused, who very likely regretted the drastic operation he had undergone.

So-called sex-change operations do not change a person’s sex, they merely  create a eunuch. Cutting off a man’s penis and testicles does not make him into a woman. Surgeons can construct an orifice between his legs but it will never look, feel or respond like the real female organs. His body will always remain male in skeleton shape and he will need to take high doses of artificial female hormones to alter his body hair and develop breasts. Needless to say he can never have children as he has no womb or ovaries.

Many transsexuals regret the operation they had and later ask for operations to change back. These are usually impossible. Nothing can replace a cut-off penis. Maybe Mr Richard Upton finally realized that too late. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone! The artificial hormones have an unavoidable impact on the brain of the patient, causing emotions to change and intensify. Imagine all the emotions of an adolescent girl churning around in the brain of a castrated man who was not too sane in the first place… Those are probably the reasons why Nathan Upton committed suicide. He realized that there is nothing great about working all day in high-heel shoes or putting make-up on your face, nothing great about wearing nail-varnish, nothing great about being a woman except being able to make love properly with a man and have children, and breast-feed them… all of which he could still never do.

The theory that it is possible for a person to be “born in the wrong body” is a complete load of rubbish. It has no scientific basis whatever. It derives from the 19th -century theories of the German Hans Ullrich who suggested that homosexuality was caused by a man’s soul being born in a woman’s body or vice-versa. Actually the soul has no gender, and now that people no longer believe in the soul, the theory is even more stupid and laughable. Why is this 19th-century junk being revived and called science?

The LGBT brigade have already announced that Mr Upton was the victim of “transphobia”. They point out that there were articles about him in the press and that journalists wanted to photograph him. But so what?That doesn’t make sane people commit suicide. Many other people are demonized and slandered by the press, bullied and abused,  yet they carry on their lives with dignity.  The press interest in Mr Upton had already subsided when he committed suicide.

How  can the LGBTs complain about press treatment that “monsters” them when they are the worst when it comes to abusing, attacking, denouncing, demonizing and vilifying other people in the media? Just look at their hypocrisy.

There had been no new articles about him or attention even on Twitter for three months. So it is just not plausible to blame press harassment  for his suicide. Homosexuals always pose as victims and can never admit they are making serious mistakes. Mr Upton was a victim of his own delusions and also of the LGBT movement that encouraged him to act out his fantasies of being a woman, instead of seeking the psychiatric help he so obviously needed.


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