Caribbean Christians resist homosexual agenda | News | LifeSite

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, December 14, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Christians in many Caribbean territories being pressured by developed countries and international agencies to normalize homosexuality are joining in prayer and sharing resources to defend family values and Bible-taught sexual mores.

In a shrewd appeal to nationalist sentiment as well as biblical truth, Barbadian sociologist Veronica Evelyn told a rally of approximately 6,000 islanders gathered at Bridgetown’s Bay Street Esplanade on November 22, “A handful of wealthy nations in North America and Europe have decided to turn the world upside-down, to deconstruct society with new, ungodly versions of family and marriage.” The rally was an attempt to mobilize Christian churches to become actively involved in public affairs, including sexual rights issues.

Dr. Evelyn, a key organizer of the event, warned, “Today, family, faith and freedom are under severe and persistent attack in Barbados, the entire Caribbean, and across the world.”

Citing President Obama, who at his second inauguration likened the struggle for LGBT rights to the struggles of blacks to attain equality, Dr. Evelyn objected strongly to the notion. “How can a moral wrong ever become a civil right?”

Source: Caribbean Christians resist homosexual agenda | News | LifeSite

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