Rosie O’Donnell Still Bullying Her Adopted Daughter

Rosie O’Donnell is a lousy mother. The lesbian TV show hostess spends more time high on drugs than she does with her numerous adoptive kids. As soon as she has finished posing with them for the cameras,  she dumps them with child-minders or sends them to boarding-schools where they are unhappy. She is too busy looking for new partners or divorcing the last ones. A few months ago she threw out her daughter Chelsea who was not yet 18.

Rosie is adamant that Chelsea go to Texas for a year.  She sent this text to her daughter: ‘u have reached new lows...go to texas – this is the last offer of any kind of help. ever'

Then because this did not look good, she spread a rumour that Chelsea had vanished and she  did not know why! She told the media that Chelsea needed therapy. Well to us it looks as if she’s got that the wrong way round.

Since then Chelsea has lived with a boyfriend, then with the family of a school friend, because she has nowhere else to go. Rosie witheld her personal documents to make it difficult for Chelsea, who has not yet finished high school, to get a job.

Chelsea O'Donnell has been hospitalized twice in recent weeks after a stressful dust up with her mother. Rosie and Chelsea's other mother, Kelli Carpenter, want to send Rosie away to Texas for a year of therapy but Chelsea wants to stay closer to home. Rosie is threatening to cut all ties with Chelsea 

Now she is using one of the nastiest possible bullying tactics. She wants Chelsea to go and spend a year in therapy in Texas  – but to do that would be for Chelsea to admit that she, not her mother is the one who has “problems”. If Chelsea refuses, Rosie will not let her see her younger siblings. All of them are very fond of each other, and miss each other a lot, so this is punishing all of them as well as Chelsea.

Rosie is sending Chelsea a lot of aggressive, bullying text messages that upset her so much, the girl has had to go into hospital several times. Most recently Rosie texted: ‘go to texas – this is the last offer of any kind of help. ever.’

Chelsea replied: ‘Then I don’t want ur help.’

Rosie then wrote: ‘u never have – go find another stranger to take care of u – till they kick u out – or u run away.”

To say “You never have wanted my help” is an outright admission that this relationship has been a failure from the start. The wonderful “gay” adoption just didn’t work. Rosie is just a selfish, thick-skinned person who blunders from one relationship to another and doesn’t understand what love means.

You might think Rosie would send some thanks to the woman who has taken her daughter in . But no, she even sends aggressive text messages to her too  – messages that make her cry.

YGB says None of this surprises us. “Gay” adoption is a terrible idea. Chelsea has never known what it’s like to have a father. When she got attached to one of Rosie’s previous partners, they were separated by divorce. Rosie is behaving horribly by preventing Chelsea and her siblingsfrom seeing each other. But then, gays are the worst bullies. 



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