Pink News Bullies Wonderful Christian Pastor

Pink News is the online magazine for queers, that keeps on telling them how marvellous they are and how stupid everybody else is. It’s full of pictures of young, athletic, muscular males to turn them on  – never any realistic pictures of the old, sick and haggard wrecks they really are. 

Most of their articles harp on the one idea, that other people are “homophobic” and gays are victims. They demonize good, decent normal people while denying that homosexuals harm each other or society. Their latest target is the Rev. Daniel Erickson-Hull, a London preacher, who leads a vibrant evangelical congregation in Chigwell, London. Pastor D, as he likes to be called, has made it clear that he does not approve of homosexuality being promoted to children in schools, and in one of his talks he asked whether a TV show for children called The Rainbow, was carrying subliminal LGBT messages.

Of course Pink News heaped him with contemptuous ridicule and abuse. They trotted out all their usual trite and banal vocabulary, calling him a “bigot”, ” homophobe”, “religious right-wing nut” etc etc etc….sigh.  We’ve heard their phrases so many times before.

Children in Sliven Bulgaria

Now let’s look at what Pastor D and End Times Ministry is really doing. Over the past year they have been raising money for a project to set up a school in Sliven, Bulgaria. Pastor D visited the area and was shown a community of Roma gypsies who have their own language. They are very poor and regarded as inferior by most Bulgarians. They are even poorer than the average Bulgarian  – who is already poor by American standards – and if their children go to school, they are bullied and they are at a disadvantage because to them Bulgarian is a second language.  So most of them drop out, and in later life may be tempted to go into some sort of crime to escape poverty.

Children in Sliven 2

Pastor D decided something had to be done, and he asked his congregation to raise  funds to set up a school for these children. In late November, he clinched a deal on a suitable buiding, an old shabby house on the market for £10,700 (about $15,000).

Here is a whole video about their inspiring project.


There was a lot of preparation to be done before it could open. Building work, chairs & equipment were all paid for out of donations.

He found a suitable teacher, who is a gypsy by birth but speaks fluent Bulgarian, to teach the children a range of school subjects. They have already enrolled eighty pupils, and the aim of the school is to provide the children with a hot meal each day as well as teaching them literacy, maths, life-skills and Christian religion. They will all become fluent in Bulgarian and thus able to earn their living.

The teacher’s name is Bojidar Nikolov and he has his own Facebook page. Conditions in the school are primitive, they have few books, and no computers, just a blackboard and chalk. Once food is bought, cooking it can be a challenge: “So how would you cook 20 whole chickens and rice & vegetables for 80 children on one small wood-burning stove?”

Pastor D has done all this despite the fact that he is not a well man, by any standards. He is fighting severe illness, and has no job in England that provides him with a salary.  He is doing everything he does simply on the strength of donations from his congregation and those who join it on the internet. He does it all through faith and in the name of God.

Documentary How Gypsies Live In Bulgaria

ETNM does  not only help gypsies is Bulgaria, it rescues young people from appalling lives of crime and drug-abuse in London, setting them on the path to a new and positive life.

This post on Facebook is testimonial from one such young person whose life was turned around.

YGB says: Compare  that to what homosexuals do. The bullies who write and read Pink News are degenerate perverts, living unto themselves. They go to gay bars, gay saunas, porn movies and chem-sex parties. They spend big money on Grindr, prostitution, cocaine, and gay cruises where they practise vice and deviance. They even parade  it in the streets. Meanwhile they ridicule Christians who are bringing more love and caring into the world than the LGBTs could even imagine with their twisted little minds.
If you would like to support ETNM and the Christian school in Bulgaria, you can send a donation to or paypal to

Daniel Erickson-Hull

Daniel Erickson-Hull shared End Times News Ministry’s album.

20 hrs · Daniel Erickson-Hull shared End Times News Ministry’

Daniel Erickson-Hull

Daniel Erickson-Hull

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Daniel Erickson-Hull
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End Times News Ministry

10 December at 11:00 ·

Psalm 118:23 – “This is the Lords doing and it is marvelous in our eyes!”


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3 Responses to Pink News Bullies Wonderful Christian Pastor

  1. Tim says:

    It would be wise to read this link to a recent BBC report on the arrest of Mr Ericsson-Hull.

    Note that he had been put in prison in the UK after admitting to possessing images of child abuse. He was breaking restrictions on his movements which were correctly placed on him after his release.

    I am saying this because it is important for you to try to provide a fuller story.

    It is possible to access details of court hearings in the UK which you might find helpful.


    • EditorialTeam says:

      We don’t believe this accusation. BBC is a completely unreliable news source, controlled by LGBTs. It is almost as bad as Pink News. Rev Erickson-Hull never committed any crime. The charges against him were clearly trumped up by his enemies in the LGBT Mafia, which is very powerful in England. It controls the police force and much else. The conviction was absurd. He was accused of having ONE photograph of a topless girl of unproven age on his computer, an image which could easily have been planted there by any number of means. He could not afford legal defence. No victim accused him of anything. He was then jailed on that utterly petty charge, when in UK real paedophiles are regularly let off with a suspended sentence after carrying out assaults or being caught with thousands of images and videos of the most extreme hard-core pornography.
      Police officer caught with 1,500 child sex abuse images walks free from court after judge takes pity
      PC Darren Wright admitted downloading, possessing and sharing pictures of child sex abuse, but the judge ruled he committed the crimes in a “state of considerable isolation”
      A paedophile caught with more than 137,000 child sex abuse images has been spared jail after telling a judge he wanted to start a family.
      Richard Arrowsmith, 41, faced up to five years in prison after pleading guilty to possessing indecent images and videos of children at Derby Crown Court.
      The married man admitted to downing and viewing the pictures and videos for “four or so years” but said he had never distributed them or made any himself, the Derby Telegraph reports.
      He was arrested in February after police received information that an IP address linked to his Sky account had been used to download the images.
      A computerised police scanning system identified at least 10,000 indecent images and videos from Arrowsmith’s seized devices.
      However, a large number could not be categorised due to the sheer amount of files, including 4,336 videos and 137,000 images.
      The court heard there were 400 videos in the worst category, Category A, another 255 in Category B and 186 films and 851 images in Category C.
      Arrowsmith was sentenced to 10 months, reduced from 15 months due to his guilty plea, suspended for two years.

      The contrast between that treatment and the brutal judicial clobbering of Rev Erickson-Hull tells its own story. This was not a genuine case, it was an obvious fraud. Rev Erickson-Hull was stitched up by the Gay Mafia which is full of blatant paedophiles and campaigns to legalize both pornography and paedophilia. Their hypocrisy stinks. LGBTs are very powerful throughout the EU, get 400 million euros per year in funding, and are determined to close down Rev Erickson-Hull’s school and his ministry by any means whatsoever.


  2. EditorialTeam says:

    If you still have any doubt that Rev Erickson-Hull was framed, compare his treatment in the court to this case:- A man in Warminster, Wiltshire, was found to have downloaded more than 400 horrific examples of child pornography, including a step-by-step manual on how to molest babies and very young children. Police said this was in the highest category of seriousness. Yet he has avoided being put in jail.
    Compare the two cases and it is obvious that there was an ulterior motive behind the prosecution of Rev. Erickson-Hull and he was framed.
    Police and courts in UK today are no more trustworthy than the mainstream media.


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