Trannies Are Just Mixed-up Maniacs

Trannies are just mixed-up maniacs.  This one switched his sex back and forth more than once. 

Instead of demanding rights and finance for their crazy shenanigans, they need to be classified as lunatics. Because that is what they are. 

Sarah Franken

Comedian who came out as a trans woman reverts back to live as a man

Comedian who came out as a trans woman reverts back to live as a man
Will Franken (Picture: Facebook)

A comedian who made the difficult decision to come out as trans has changed his mind.

In July, Will Franken announced publicly that he would be living as Sarah.

He even performed one of his stand up shows and did several press interviews as Sarah.

But seven months after revealing he identified as trans, Will says he has become ‘frightened, angry, lonely, confused’, but also ‘utterly bored with the topic of transgenderism’.

‘I have been living as Will again for over two months now, after seven months as Sarah,’ he wrote on the Independent.

He goes on to say that ‘exasperation at public abuse, the disarming prospect of no longer attracting females’ and ‘a lingering resentment’ over people concentrating on his gender rather than his comedy.

Although he did receive a little abuse, Will did say that was greeted with more acceptance and tolerance than prejudice.

Will decided not to continue with his gender transition (Picture: YouTube)

Oh, seeing as they announced their gender transition around the same time, Will got pretty sick of comparison to Caitlyn Jenner.

Throwing the shadiest of shade, he said: ‘I have no interest in stories about Caitlyn Jenner and am proud to have never seen a single episode of the Kardashian reality whorehouse of which she presumably is the madam.’


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