COWGER: Klein family losing everything for opposing same-sex “marriage”, should be a national outrage!

Teenage conservative radio talk show host Caiden Cowger, stated on his New Year’s Eve broadcast that there should be a national outrage over a lesbian couple taking every penny from the Klein family, simply because they did not want to be apart of the couple’s homosexual wedding. The Kleins, who are raising multiple children, owned a small bakery that was located in Gresham, OR. A lesbian couple walked into their bakery, and demanded the Christian pastry shop produce a homosexual wedding cake. When the owners tried to explain to them that it would violate their religious beliefs, and politely declined, the couple then approached a lawyer, and sued the family over $135,000 for “emotional distress.”

“I have had enough!” Cowger stated on his radio show. “It is time to start speaking out against this. The LGBT movement has made it clear that they are not interested in equality; they are interested in oppressing Christians. It’s time to take a stand against them.”

“These people are humble people are nobodies, and they are having their lives completely terminated,” Cowger exclaimed. “And no one is saying anything; we are all just sitting back, while this family loses their complete livelihood, over the LGBT agenda.”

“Why are are Americans silent?” he asked.

YGB says:  Well said, Caiden, we we need lots more people like you to stand up and condemn gay bullying. America must come to its senses and stop letting aggressive queers trample over eveybody else.


Source: COWGER: Klein family losing everything for opposing homosexuality, should be a national outrage!


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