Free Speech Blocked by Violent Lesbians – Ryan Sorba Mobbed

Free Speech Blocked by Violent Lesbians – Sounds Familiar?

Smith College in Masachusetts used to be described as a college of “liberal arts”. But there was nothing liberal about the way that aggressive lesbians stamped out free speech there in May 2008.

Ryan Sorba, the controversial chairman of Young Conservatives of California, was invited to the College by its Republican group to talk on the subject of “The Born-Gay Hoax”. Homo-fanatics are intent on convincing the world that homosexuality is a genetic fact – ignoring all scientific evidence, Not only does the theory fly in the face of the principle of natural selection, but eight independent studies have proved that there is NO genetic factor involved.

Belligerent lesbians decided that they would not let anybody listen to his views or his arguments. They crowded into the lecture hall and drowned out what he was saying by chanting slogans and banging metal cooking-pans with lids. Then things got worse. More protesters climbed in through a back window, pushed their way onto the podium and began noisily dancing and clapping in front of Mr Ryan

Eventually the din got so bad that the university officers decided the talk should be abandoned.

What a disgrace to a university education, that these women preferred hooliganism to reasoned debate. And how typical of the whole LGBT movement, From its very start it has been based on violence and intimidation, never on reason or justice.

VGB says the lesbians of Smith College are homo-fascist bullies. A liberal society gave them toleration and they responded with intolerance. Have you still got free speech in your college or institution? If not  – protest! Don’t take this bullying lying down.

And for those of you who do think that Mr Sorba should have the right to free speech, here is a video of his lecture on “The Born-Gay Hoax”.


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