Murder of Raymond Boyer, Barack Obama’s “gay” friend

The Hammer – Weapon of Choice in Ending “Gay” Relationships

Homosexuals are fond of complaining that they are victims of “homophobic” violence. Most of these cases are imaginary or greatly exaggerated. The amount of horrendous violence there is between homosexual men is one thing they don’t like to publicize. When the Ugandan LGBT activist David Kato was bludgeoned to death with a hammer, the media at once claimed it was a “homophobic attack”  – but it turned out to be a male prostitute with whom he had had relations.

Killer: Andrew Devere, pictured in a variety of mugshots over the years, was sentenced to life for the grisly crime. He said he killed Boyer because he broke wind in his face, was killing a friend by selling him drugs, didn't pick up his medicine for a sore throat and insulted him in public. Devere is now free and living on the mainland

Andrew Devere

The death of Raymond Boyer on New Year’s Day 1986 in Hawaii happened in a similar way. Known as “gay Ray” to his friends, who included future President Barack Obama, Boyer was an unemployed chef and drug-dealer who lived above a scruffy garage in Honolulu with a younger homosexual man. His partner, Andrew Devere, was a male prostitute, who took drugs and knew that Boyer lived by peddling them widely, even to high school kids in Punahou School. They did not have an ideal relationship. Devere got angry because Gay Ray was supplying drugs to a friend of his who was being killed by the habit. When Devere wanted drugs, Gay Ray made him beg for them. He had once attacked Devere with a knife and injured one of his fingers, and he had other nasty little ways of humiliating Devere, even to the extent of farting in his face. One day, when Ray refused to give Devere money to buy medicine he needed for a sore throat, Devere grabbed a hammer and smashed Ray Boyer’s skull in.

Good times: Obama thanked Ray in his high school yearbook alongside his family and his Choom Gang buddies

Barack Obama with Gay Ray

Devere was convicted and jailed, and got a life sentence. His case came up for appeal in 1991 and he was eventually freed in 2007. He now lives in the USA, where he is drug free and married to a wife called Elizabeth. So it seems he is an EX-GAY. At least that is good news. He turned his life around.
Nothing about this case would be very remarkable   – queer men attack and kill each other all the time   – except for one fact. Among the high school kids Gay Ray used to supply with marijuana was the young Barack Hussein Obama. So Obama’s close ties with the LGBT community go way back. Makes you wonder how close they are.

Pot head: Obama and his 'Choom Gang' of privately-educated friends used to score drugs off Ray. Ray was murdered seven years after the gang left school by his lover for a myriad of bizarre and frankly petty reasons

Barack Obama smoking pot as a student.

President Obama’s high school pot dealer who he thanked in his yearbook for the ‘good times’ was beaten to death by his lover after a series of fights over flatulence and drugs, MailOnline can reveal today.

Raymond Boyer, known as ‘Gay Ray’ to Obama and his marijuana smoking ‘Choom Gang’, was bludgeoned to death with a hammer seven years after he sold the future president and his friends drugs.

His lover Andrew Devere, a male prostitute, gave police a laundry list of reasons for the killing, including that Boyer, a surfer and unemployed chef, constantly put him down, made him beg for drugs and had a habit of breaking wind in his face.

Appeal court documents from 1991, uncovered for the first time by MailOnline, reveal Devere killed Boyer on New Year’s Day 1986 because: Boyer was killing a friend of his by supplying that friend with drugs; Boyer embarrassed Devere and put him down in front of other people; Boyer had developed a habit of farting in Devere’s face; Boyer once attacked Devere with a knife, slicing Devere’s finger; Boyer made Devere beg for drugs.

Finally, the documents say the last straw came on the morning that Devere killed Boyer when the victim had refused to give Devere money to buy medication to soothe the murderer’s sore throat.

YGB says: You can’t put enough distance between yourself and this vile, vicious “gay” lifestyle.

If you’ve never met a “gay” count yourself lucky.

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3 Responses to Murder of Raymond Boyer, Barack Obama’s “gay” friend

  1. native son says:

    I don’t know whether the site is still up, but years ago there was a website claiming that Obama’s old church with a notoriously anti American pastor was a hotbed of bisexual males. One younger black man who claimed to be one of Obama’s “lovers” was found dead in what appeared to be a professional assassination early in Obama’s first terms, and another of his alleged homosexual lovers went into hiding after that, according to his mother. That was the only source I saw for the story, and it appeared to be credibly documented, but I don’t know whether I could find the site again or even whether it is still in operation.

    In 1998, Kay (Katherine Pollard) Griggs decided to protect herself by going as public as possible in a 7 hour interview in which she detailed how her alcoholic navy ex-husband was part of a bisexual and homosexual clique that controlled the intelligence and black ops activities of the navy and marines and perhaps similar groups in other branches of the armed forces. You can see the interview here:

    One time an anonymous internet commenter (a low quality source, I know) said he had a friend in the CIA who would sometimes invite him to party with his “spook” friends, and he said they mostly seemed to be obvious sexual misfits such as homo’s and transvestites. Just an anecdote, but it fits a larger pattern.


  2. native son says:

    I should have added in my comment above that I was always puzzled as to how the Obama’s made their money before Obama was appointed to the US Senate. Michelle had a $280,000 a year job she reportedly never showed up for and the “position” was abolished after Obama became president. Elsewhere I read that Obama himself was employed by an organization, the name of which I have forgotten, which had a reputation as a CIA front organization.


  3. EditorialTeam says:

    The press told us they were lawyers, and that Obama then became a “Community Events Organizer”.


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