Nice Profit for Polish Gays who Alleged Bullying


The anti-homophobia laws have spread to Poland. Actually they have been imposed by the EU despite being unpopular with Poland’s mainly Catholic population.

In the town of Wolin in North-West Poland, a homosexual named Ryszard Giersz  alleged that he had been subjected to six months of terrible public abuse by his neighbour, 44-year-old Anna S. He claimed that she had more than once called him as “pedal” (the Polish word for a homosexual) and that this was a frightful ordeal for him. Anna S protested her innocence, and said that Mr Giersz had behaved offensively towards her, had thrown things at her out of a window, and that the witnesses in the case “lied”.

This is very believable, because  Ryszard Giersz is a campaigning homo-fascist who writes a blog about LGBT issues. He’s got “opportunist” written all over him.

Ms S, who can still appeal against the verdict, maintained her innocence throughout the proceedings, saying that she was, in fact, the victim.

“All the witnesses lied,” she was quoted as saying by the Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza. “This man offended me. He threw things at me from his window. I’m depressed because of this and need treatment.”

Gierz, who was backed by the group Campaign Against Homophobia, experts on bringing accusations of bullying, won the case in August 2009 and got 15,000 zlotys from Anna, enough to move to a bigger house. A tidy profit  – at that rate, there must be more “pedals” queuing up all over Poland to bring complaints of the same kind.

YGB says: Anna S is the victim, This  stupid law creates incentive for people  to invent lies and get their hands on the money was “compensation”.


Posted on August 30, 2012 by clairethinker

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