Queers Make Lousy Teachers – Liam Nolan

A teacher, particularly a head teacher, is supposed to set an example of social, civilized behaviour to pupils. If they do something shameful or disgraceful  – or illegal  – they should certainly be sacked.

Yet when homosexuals do something shameful, disgraceful and illiegal nowadays the Gaystapo in charge of education and morals does NOT sack them.

Liam Nolan

Liam Nolan

Liam Nolan, 39, is the Head Master of a school in England and he is paid £64,000 per year. Liam is homosexual. When he was convicted for INDECENT behaviour performing a sex act with another man in a public park he should have been sacked. Yet he wasn’t. Why?

Nolan was spotted by undercover cops with 58-year-old jobless builder John Brown in bushes in a public park used for recreation by children, families and old people. The police regularly comb the area for this sort of thing as they know that homosexuals are liable to be found on the pick-up, exposing themselves or engaged in explicit sexual activity in such places. They call it “cruising”. That’s because queers are….queer.

 Nolan lied at first and claimed he was urinating, but police had taken photographs of him and had the statement of the other man. Nolan was convicted in Wolverhampton Crown Court.

Nolan should have been sacked. He brought shame on the school and set a lousy example to children. He is probably a danger to children. Yet he continues to earn £64,000 per year (about $90,000) as head of Perry Beaches Secondary School in Birmingham, where there are 900 pupils. This is disgusting.

Recently Nolan invited the disreputable Stonewall organization into his school to indoctrinate pupils about so-called “anti-gay bullying”. But there is no problem with gays being bullied  – and in fact there is no such things as a gay child. Nobody is “born gay”. Stonewall’s agenda is to is encourage children to become homosexual and to experiment with adults.

YGB says: End the double standard now. Queer crooks out of education!




Posted on March 15, 2014 by clairethinker

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