Why MLK Would Have Opposed ‘Gay Marriage’ » BarbWire.com

I have heard how that MLK would have been for queer marriage. I doubt that very much. I can hear people like Jacob and all the rest of the idiots….no one has an open mind like them. <ADMIN>

Ever notice how the secular left conveniently omits the fact that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a devout Christian minister?

While, historically, there have certainly been apostate “Christians” who, in the name of Christ, have abused and taken out of context certain biblical passages to support slavery, segregation, racism and other evils – it has been, without fail, true Christians, that is, Bible-believing Christians of every race, color and creed, who have led the charge in defense of all legitimate human (and civil) rights.

The Rev. King was one such Christian, and though he and other Christian leaders have, no doubt, welcomed aid and support from honorable…

Source: Why MLK Would Have Opposed ‘Gay Marriage’ » BarbWire.com


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One Response to Why MLK Would Have Opposed ‘Gay Marriage’ » BarbWire.com

  1. Jacob, perhaps learning how to read would help. Past that, you are dumber than a bag of fucking hammers. The heading DOES NOT say Christianity supports queerdom but instead says “Why Christians should embrace same-sex relationships. Reason 6.”….which we never will anyway. Course this is from Canada, home of the homophobia idiots and their hate speech. Now, be a good boy and kiss my ass. From this day forward, all your comments will be marked as spam and trashed. Bye bye now!


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