Is your pastor apologizing to LGBT anarchists?

Have you walked out of church recently in great dismay over your pastor’s sermon?

As I hear from Christians coast to coast, it’s sadly apparent that many ministers don’t apply biblical teaching to America’s cultural challenges.

Either raging issues are ducked altogether – even as children are corrupted and marriage is revolutionized – or ministers deliver messages that sound suspiciously like those crafted by homosexual and pro-abortion activists themselves.

But ministers have a responsibility to overcome the deception people hear outside the church doors, to equip the hearts and minds of congregants. It can be done with careful preparation and the right heart.

The right heart hates evil and the harm it does. We are in a fierce battle with determined foes of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Without that understanding, many pastors adopt a complacent attitude of, “It’s no big deal.” […]

Source: Is your pastor apologizing to LGBT anarchists?


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Making sure people know who the real bullies are.
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