Thanks to the Rainbow Mafia, This Classic AMERICAN Superhero Could Have A Boyfriend

Everything the gaystapo touches turns to shit and not worth fertilizer. Comics are no exception. For some dumb and unknown reason, something that isn’t real just HAS to be gay or else. Or else what, gaystapo? What are you afraid of? You, gaystapo, are afraid of your own shadow. You preach tolerance but have no idea what it means. Instead, its always the “intolerance” that you show for everything around you. If you could, every living thing would be rainbow colored and bowing to you. One day, one day soon, your reign will be over and it will be you bowing…to God! <ADMIN>

Thanks to the Rainbow Mafia, Captain America may be forced to have a boyfriend. Perversity in comics?

When I was a teenager, Captain America was probably my favorite comic book hero. Every month I’d eagerly look forward to the newest issue of Captain America and the Falcon. The Falcon, you ask? He was the red-white-and-blue Avenger’s African-American partner — “partner” as in crime-fighting teammate, not as in the fellow who, after a full day of busting bad guys with Cap, did things with him in the dark that would make most comic aficionados go, “Ewwwww.”

Yes, back in the mid/late 1970’s, “partner” still just meant … well, “partner”; nothing more salacious. But, of course, that semantic status quo couldn’t be allowed to endure — and the meaning of a once innocent word has significantly warped into something icky. As, alas, has occurred with such previously serviceable terms as “gay”, “queer” and “marriage” – the “homosexual rights” movement churns on like a lavender Pac Man, omnivorously gobbling up everything in it’s path.

Of course Captain America — that most heart-thumpingly patriotic of Marvel Universe good guys — has to succumb! And apparently, there are those wanting to take a run at that exact switcheroo. […]

Source: Thanks to the Rainbow Mafia, This Classic AMERICAN Superhero Could Have A Boyfriend


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