Scalia on same-sex marriage

There are those queers that absolutely hate this man because he dared to disagree with their chosen perversion. I, for one, am glad he did disagree. <ADMIN>

We’ve selected a few of Scalia’s most memorable lines from his dissents.

It is unfair to the memory of a great jurist to pluck a single thread from the fabric of his opinions. But Conjugality is a blog about same-sex marriage and the late Justice Antonin Scalia had strong views on the subject. Not because he was “homophobic”, but because he believed that regulating and redefining marriage was the role of state legislatures, not the courts.

His views on same-sex marriage, then, were based on his views on how to interpret the American Constitution. He subscribed to originalism, the doctrine that the meaning of the Constitution is fixed and that the courts’ responsibility is to understand what the Founding Fathers intended. Same-sex marriage was not one of the freedoms that they wished to bequeath to future generations.

Unfortunately, Scalia was on the losing side in the decisions which led to same-sex marriage. However, many of his crisp and acerbic dissents will eventually be seen as prophetic. Here are a few nuggety paragraphs.

Source: Scalia on same-sex marriage


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