Army Lesbian Rapes Another Woman Soldier

Lesbians are always whinging about how men are rapists, violent oppressors of women. Funny thing is that lesbians are rather keen on raping women themselves. The policy of permitting open homosexuals in the armed forces is a calamity, because since there is now an epidemic of queer rape in the British and the USA armed forces.

We need to go back to the rule that homosexuality is banned in the armed forces. Anyone who thinks they were “born that way” can keep in the closet or bugger off and find another job. That is fair on the majority.

Lance Corporal Hannah Heslop is alleged to have later boasted about the incident

Lance Corporal Hannah Heslop is alleged to have later boasted about the incident

Female soldier sexually assaulted sleeping colleague to ‘make her gay’, court martial hears

Soldier alleged to have ‘sexually targeted’ heterosexual woman before taking her back to room at barracks to ‘fulfil her objective’

A woman soldier sexually assaulted a female colleague as she slept after telling her on a night out she would “make her gay”, a court martial heard.

Lance Corporal Hannah Heslop, 25, first “sexually targeted” the heterosexual woman before taking her back to a room at her barracks, it was claimed.

When the other soldier fell asleep, L/C Heslop is alleged to have removed the victim’s knickers and used this opportunity to “fulfil her objective”. The woman told the hearing she woke up in pain to “find the accused between her legs”.

L/C Heslop, who is said to have later boasted about the incident, claimed the sex was consensual and went on for an hour.

The woman, who cannot be named, told the court martial she was drunk after a night out with a group of soldiers – including L/C Heslop – while she was based at Leconfield Barracks, in Yorkshire.

Bulford Military Court, in Wiltshire, heard how the victim was left feeling “shocked and confused” after the incident.

She said: “I went out with them just to make new friends. It was just to go and socialise. She (Heslop) was asking about when I go out and get drunk and whether I get very drunk that I cannot remember what I am doing.”

The alleged victim said she could not remember going back to camp or to LC Heslop’s room.

She added: “I remember waking up to a pain. I was asleep, passed out asleep. I was in a deep sleep.

“I had my vest and jacket still on. I did not have the bottom half of my clothes on. It took a second to figure out what was going on. I do not know if I shouted or kicked, but it made Heslop jump back.

“I lay in shock. I did not know what was happening, I didn’t know what was going on. Heslop was on the end of the bed. I think she said ‘I have got to go’ and then left. I didn’t say anything back to her.”

Lieutenant Colonel David Phillips, prosecuting, said that during the afternoon and evening of March 6, 2015, Heslop “sexually targeted” the alleged victim.

Lt Cl Phillips said: “The victim was a heterosexual female soldier, we assert the accused is attracted to female soldiers. During the afternoon and evening, the accused began to sexually target the victim.

“She began saying she would make her gay – her response was to laugh off her comments. The evening involved drinking games and soldiers drinking shots of various alcoholic drinks.

“We assert by the end of the evening, the victim was drunk and needed to be taken back to barracks and that is what the accused did.

“After taking her back to barracks, the accused took her to her room. The victim is drunk, falls asleep in a room with the accused.

“There the accused used this opportunity to fulfil her objective of ‘scoring’. She removed the victim’s lower garments, including her knickers. She did not remove any of her own.”


The soldiers were based at Leconfield Barracks in Yorkshire

He added: “The victim woke up to find pain and the accused between her legs and she [the victim] was naked from the legs down and they were on the bed.

“She was shocked and confused. She flinched and sat up, the accused stopped and left the room.

The court heard how when interviewed by police, L/C Heslop, who was at Leconsfield on a course, denied the allegations and said that sexual activity between the pair was consensual.

L/C Heslop denies assault by penetration. The court martial continues.

Royal Navy sailor ‘assaulted colleague with beer bottle’, court hears


VGB says:  Queers have got an obsession with trying to make other people queer like them. they should just keep their hands (and other parts) to themselves.

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