Georgia Passes Weakened Religious Liberty Bill | NOM Blog

Sounds to me like someone watered it down so as not to have the queers shouting at them. That won’t work and they should know that by now. <ADMIN>

Dear Marriage Supporter,

The Georgia legislature succumbed to pressure from the Human Rights Campaign and other LGBT extremists and significantly watered down religious liberty protections before sending the legislation (HB 757) to Governor Nathan Deal for his signature. Incredibly, it’s possible that Governor Deal will not sign even the modest protections in the bill, which are designed to protect pastors and religious groups from having to perform same-sex ‘weddings’ or forcing them to be hosted at their facilities.

NOM asks you to urge Governor Deal to sign HB 757 into law even though it is far from the robust legal protections that people of faith deserve. Please sign our petition to Governor Deal today.

Opponents of the bill like to talk about “discrimination” but the fact of the matter is that the only people who’ve been discriminated against when it comes to gay ‘marriage’ are people of faith. Individuals, small businesses and religious organizations have been sued, fined, punished and threatened with jail simply for standing up for the truth of marriage in their daily lives.

Source: Georgia Passes Weakened Religious Liberty Bill | NOM Blog


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