Peter Tatchell Complains About LGBT Aggression and Censorship

You’ve got to laugh when the thug Peter Tatchell complains about being aggressively trolled by LGBT activists. 

Yes, the same LGBT activists he has stirred up to aggression and violence by his own example for so many years. His hyperbole and extremism, and his criminal tactics, have led the way for them.


The “No-Platform” brigade don’t like Peter Tatchell being a poster-boy for the Defend Free Speech campaign in England. He and Mary Beard kept cringing and repeating that of course  they believed in all this trannie garbage, they just wanted freedom of speech in order to defeat any sane people in debate. They wouldn’t dream of offending the LGBT establishment by being transphobic.

So of course they got branded transphobic anyway  – just the same tactics as the LGBT robots have used for so long, throwing the word “homophobia” around. 

How does it feel?

Apparently poor Peter couldn’t sleep when they turned on him.

To his genuine amazement, he got about 5,000 vicious, pathological messages including death-threats and torture fantasies. 

One of them said  “I would like to tweet your murder you fucking parasite.”

So what is surprising about that?  Isn’t the whole LGBT movement based on non-stop bullying? 

Mr Tatchell, 63, said: “I’ve received about 5,000 messages attacking me. The volume and vitriol of the attack has been almost unprecedented..” Oh no, it isn’t, you imbecile. It is absolutely typical of how your lot behave all the time, to all the good, decent, normal people out there. Vicious, pathological, vitriolic… yes, you have just described your “gay” community.

“I have been accused of trying to silence trans people and called ‘an advocate for oppressors’.When I signed the letter I didn’t know who else was going to sign it.  Now I am being condemned by the McCarthyite tactic of guilt by association.” So what is surprising about LGBTs using McCarthyite tactics? What they did to Brendan Eich and countless others before and since, is McCarthyite. 

He added: “On Saturday night, after the first attacks started, I couldn’t sleep. I was so upset about being misrepresented as an anti-trans bigot. I woke up exhausted, and on my way to a LGBT conference, I tripped on the pavement, hit my head and suffered concussion, which I’m still feeling today.”   Well Peter, what goes around, comes around.  And maybe it’s time your lot learnt to take a bit of what they dish out.

As for Mary Beard, she apparently “launched a lengthy and impassioned defence of her actions in her Times Literary Supplement blog, but admitted: “I went to bed wanting to weep.”” Weeping will get you nowhere with the “No Platform” brigade. By crawling to them and insisting that you only want to agree, you are bringing closer the day when they finally silence all dissent.

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