Thomas A. Mix Is A Vile Bully



Cyber-bully Thomas A Mix is a homosexual with a long history of bullying and harassing people online. With his nasty chum @NicoleBonnet1 he has spent years trolling and persecuting a senior citizen on disability retirement.

Well it turns out Thomas A Mix has a history of violence against senior citizens.  Back in December 2001 he committed battery upon his father and was arrested and spent time in a delinquency center.

This brute beat up his own father and so his frighten his mother she applied for a protection order.  That is the ugly foul face of “gay rights”

Mix likes to claim that his mother’s petition for a protection order is a sealed document, it is not. His violent criminal history may be sealed but his mother’s application for a protection order against domestic violence because of his battery upon his father is a matter of public record easily found on the Indian River clerk’s page.



About josephbenning

Making sure people know who the real bullies are.
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