Is @NicoleBonnet1 a Man?

We’ve told you before about vicious online troll NicoleBonnet, who has two Twitter accounts that she uses to pour out lies and venom. One of them is called @nicolebonnet1 and the other is called @nicolebonnet

To give you some example of how foul she is, she stalked a disabled person for five years and ridiculed them in public for having epilepsy.  Makes you want to vomit?  Yes, us too.

Seems this is her full-time job as she turns out a non-stop stream of it day in day out.

She is the only person who never gets bored with NicoleBonnet !

Now somebody tells us that NicoleBonnet who calls herself a lesbian may actually be  a man. 


Bonnet is talking on Twitter to another male, who sends her  a supposedly funny picture of a husband carrying his young attractive wife and hinting that he is homosexual. He says “That was me on my wedding day”

Bonnet says to him that it’s her /him as well. “I’ve always known so I didn’t have to come out to myself”. Sounds as if Bonnet could be a trannie. Certainly is aggressive enough for a trannie.


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2 Responses to Is @NicoleBonnet1 a Man?

  1. Hume says:

    A common modus operandi for Team Brett Kimberlin is to use avatars of the opposite sex on social media. It is also rumored that several websites are depicting Nicole Bonnet as this


  2. The picture I was sent is a hoot!!! ROFLMAO!!!!


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