Trans Man Destroys North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law

More bullying by the queers. They “claim” its about equality when in reality it about them shoving a lifestyle that is filthy, dirty and dangerous. Their bullying is nothing more that ignorance and bullshit. <ADMIN>

North Carolina signed into law last Wednesday one of the most flagrant civil rights violations in recent history, a bill specifically designed to forbid cities from passing protections for the LGBT community.

The right-wing hysteria erupted after Charlotte passed an ordinance to protect trans citizens from being bullied and assaulted for using bathrooms that fit their gender. Governor Pat McCrory said the ordinance “defied common sense” in a tweet that belied his obvious disgust with the transgender community. […]


Source: Trans Man Destroys North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law


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Making sure people know who the real bullies are.
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