Financial Corruption Under Queer Headmaster Liam Nolan

Perry Beeches  STILL run by disgraced yet brazen queer head Liam Nolan

A damning report into the Perry Beeches academy chain (which runs five schools in Birmingham) has been released.

Here are some of the findings:

  • Perry Beeches diverted almost £1.3 million in taxpayers’ money into secretive off-the-books payments to a company called “Nexus Schools Limited”.
  • Financial fraud was committed because payments to Nexus were not included in the academy chain’s 2013-14 accounts.
  • Nexus subcontracted work the school gave them to a company called “Liam Nolan Limited”.
  • The sole director of Liam Nolan Limited is one Liam Nolan, who just happens to be the Accounting Officer and Chief Executive of Perry Beeches Academy Trust!
  • Liam Nolan did not register his interests in “Liam Nolan Limited” and the Perry Beeches chair of governors also had an undeclared business interest with a director of Nexus Schools Limited.
  • In setting up a circular off-the-books payment scam to pay himself an additional salary, the Perry Beeches financial officer Liam Nolan has clearly broken academies accounting rules and Charity Commission rules, yet the only punishment from central government is a written notice to improve, not a sacking or a criminal prosecution.
  • Perry Beeches was also made to pay back £118,291 of government funding after fraudulently claiming free school meal payments despite breaking the rules by keeping no records of kids receiving free school meals for six years.

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