Queer Teacher Liam Nolan Led School to Failure

When Liam Nolan was first convicted of obscene behaviour, making out with another man in a public park in broad daylight, he should have resigned or been sacked from his job as head teacher of Perry Beeches School in Birmingham.

Shamefully, he was not. This sleazy convicted sex offender who LIED to the police and the court was allowed to stay in his job, because friends (probably paid by LGBT networks) claimed he was a marvellous headmaster who had transformed a failing school. That was all bunkum. He had only been in the job for a few months. 

Now it emerges that in his years as head of Perry Beeches School it has not gone up, it has gone down.  In fact it has now sunk to such a poor standard in every respect that there has been an official call to have it “placed in special measures” which means taken over by  OFSTED and managed, with incompetent teachers replaced.

Call for Perry Beeches ‘superhead’ Liam Nolan to resign after school placed in special measures

Councillor Barry Bowles, of education scrutiny committee, says academy trust CEO should face same penalties as other [heterosexual] school leaders in same situation

A member of an education watchdog group has called for Birmingham “super” headteacher Liam Nolan to resign after one of his schools was placed in special measures.

Coun Barry Bowles said Mr Nolan should quit his role as chief executive officer at Perry Beeches Academy Trust following a damning inspection of one of its schools.

Perry Beeches III, which opened just 20 months ago, was rated “inadequate” by Ofsted inspectors, who heavily criticised the school’s leadership team and “dull” teaching.

Headteacher Darren Foreman resigned days after the inspection in May and deputy head Vicky Haggart and assistant head Gurprite Lohia are stepping down at the end of next week. Chairman of governors Peter Richardson has also resigned.

Now Coun Bowles, a member of Birmingham City Council’s education scrutiny committee, said Mr Nolan should consider stepping down.

“I would like him to be treated in the same way that other schools have been in this situation,” he told the Mail.

And on Twitter the Labour councillor for Hall Green wrote: “Nolan says he is a believer in accountability, should he not resign?

“Shame Nolan never fell on his sword instead of his underlings.

“Leadership is top down not bottom up.” [It’s all bottom and nothing else with Mr Nolan]

He added that he thought Education Secretary Nicky Morgan should force the free school to be taken over by another academy chain.

Coun Bowles, who uses the Twitter handle @camphillboiler, added: “Will Ms Morgan ask Ark or another provider to take over Perry Beeches III?

“If this was one of ours (local authority-controlled) that’s what would happen.”

And Coun Bowles said Mr Nolan should: “keep an eye on those his got, instead of opening new ones on every street” – referring to the fact he is set to open his fifth school this September.

Perry Beeches V is due to open in a disused office block in Small Heath.

However the move has previously been heavily criticised by the council’s cabinet member for children’s services, Coun Brigid Jones.

She said the school would create an oversupply of places in the area, potentially jeopardising other schools.

Meanwhile, Mr Nolan is appealing the Ofsted grading and has taken over as interim head teacher of Perry Beeches III, alongside former Perry Beeches II head Jackie Powell.

Previously he told the Mail: “I’m a real believer in accountability and I believe people should be watching what I am doing and keeping us in check. Liar!

“But I believe Ofsted has got it fundamentally wrong. [Brazen arrogant bastard] How can we be in special measures when we are applying exactly the same model of teaching and running a school at Perry Beeches III as we are at the ‘outstanding’ academy and Perry Beeches II?”

“I wasn’t head here when we were inspected. It wasn’t on my watch,” he said. “But I’m rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck in.

“My job now is to make sure these kids get a brilliant education, it’s not about Ofsted, it is about them.” [Again arrogant bastard. The whole school system is under the jurisidiction of OFSTED , which means Office for Standards in Education. Just because he is queer he thinks  he can do no wrong.]

Today he declined to comment on the calls for his resignation.






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