Queer Teacher Liam Nolan Lied to Police About Indecent Behaviour

Teaching used to be a respected profession in which you were expected to set a moral example of behaviour to your pupils. Now it has been invaded by sick queers with their deviant behaviour, schools are places where children can be corrupted.

Homosexual Liam Nolan was convicted by a court of filthy behaviour with another man in a public park that was used by families and children of all ages. He lied to police claiming that he had merely been urinating in the bushes.  He also lied by pretending he had a “migraine” to explain why he went out to the park during school hours when he should have been teaching.

A SHAMED Birmingham headteacher convicted of outraging public decency at a beauty spot has been told he can continue in his job. Why? A totally wrong decision.

Liam Nolan

Liam Nolan sobbed as he pleaded with a standards board to let him carry on in his £64,000-a-year post at Perry Beeches School. [What a snivelling cry-bully]

He was found guilty of outraging public decency in June 2007 after being caught with another man at Sandwell Valley.

He was given a reprimand at a General Teaching Council hearing in the city yesterday after the panel heard how he had transformed the failing school and doubled the GCSE pass rate.  [A ridiculous claim that he could have improved standards in a school within a few months.]

The 40-year-old, of Charlotte Street, Birmingham, insisted he was innocent and was urinating at the park after leaving school with a migraine when he was caught by plain clothes police. Openly gay Mr Nolan admitted that he knew the park was a notorious gay sex haunt and apologised for making a “stupid mistake”.

Mr Nolan said his offence was no worse than littering or graffiti and did not warrant him being struck off. [Wrong, it was obscene behaviour. It  destroys any respect a pupil could have felt for him.]


“I needed some fresh air and when I pulled in to Sandwell Valley, the thought of sexual contact was the last thing on my mind. I wanted a breath of fresh air before getting back to my city centre flat.”  Liar!

Mr Nolan said he had spotted a man as he walked through woods at the nature reserve at 11.20am and walked in to bushes to urinate. He claimed the man began urinating close to him before they were confronted by police and arrested. Liar!

“I feel stupid for putting myself in a situation like that,” he said. That is not an apology. It is not an admission of wrongdoing or shame.

Mr Nolan said he applied for the job in February 2007 and was given the green light to start shortly afterwards – even though city council chiefs knew the court case was looming. 

After being stunned by the guilty verdict, he said he did not consider resigning, even when three governors quit the school after he won the backing of the board.

“Not a single child was moved from the school as a result of what happened.” [A stupid thing to say as the local education authority does not let pupils just suddenly switch from one school to another ]Mr Nolan said that the school had been issued with a notice to improve by inspectors shortly after his conviction, but was described as “good with outstanding features” following the latest Ofsted check.

The hearing was told that Mr Nolan turned the school around by introducing stricter controls on uniform and scrapping study leave. [Petty measures]

Mr Nolan made no comment after yesterday’s hearing, but his legal representative Tony Pearce said: “He wants to put all of this behind him but he plans to appeal against the criminal conviction.”

 Is the decision right?   NO of course not.  Only people of good character should be allowed to teach children. A headmaster must be above reproach. He should have been sacked from the teaching profession.

There is one law for us and another for the queers. They get away with what would be crimes if heterosexuals did it.





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