Shame on Church of England for Allowing This Trannie Travesty of Jesus

When the AIDS pandemic hit, queers were crowding into the hospitals and hospices founded and run by Christians to get care and sympathy. They still do. But that doesn’t make the LGBT movement grateful. No, the poisonous-minded LGBT activists continue to attack Christianity, insult Christians and religious belief, and even blame the good decent folks for supposedly causing AIDS by means of “fomohobia” and “stigma”. What a load of crap the queers talk. What nasty people they are!

Shame on this church in England that has allowed a mad transgender MAN to dress up as a woman and enact a travesty of Jesus that affronts religion. It is in the worst possible taste.

Shame on the Bishop of Manchester who could have blocked this but didn’t lift a finger. There are many false christians within the churches.

(DAILYMAIL) — A play that portrays Jesus as a transgender woman who refers to God as ‘Mum’ is to be performed in a Church of England church today.

To the fury of critics who say the play is deeply offensive, the Bishop of Manchester, David Walker, will not block the staging of The Gospel According To Jesus, Queen Of Heaven.

The one-woman play by Jo Clifford, an award-winning Scottish playwright who pretends to be a woman, imagines Jesus returning to earth as a ‘trans woman’ and retelling the parables with a transsexual slant.


Read more at toesus-as-transgender-hits-bigtime/

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