Shamed Headteacher Brings More Shame on Perry Beeches School

Liam Nolan, the disgraced headmaster of Perry Beeches School in Birmingham, England, hit an all time low by inviting a queer activist into the school to promote the homosexual lifestyle. Nolan has a criminal record and is a registered sex offender after being convicted for performing an indecent act with another man in a public park in broad daylight. Now he has invited notorious LGBT extremist Ian McKellen, of the disreputable Stonewall organisation, into the school to push the LGBT agenda under the pretence of combating bullying.

Was there any bullying? No, of course not, this is just a pretext for encouraging young pupils to experiment with homosexuality. Just listen to the sycophantic tone of this newspaper article. It is unbelievable.

SIR Ian McKellen Ian Mc visited Birmingham last week to  ” fight homophobia in schools”.

Last Monday the famous openly gay actor visited a Birmingham school to show his support for their fight against homophobic bullying. Perry Beeches Secondary School in Great Barr was lucky enough [ Haha hah!] to host his speech as a part of their Anti-Bullying Week.

In his position as a founder member of Stonewall, the gay rights campaigners and lobbying group, Sir Ian attended two GCSE lessons and a School Council meeting to learn how the school is dealing with the issue of homophobic bullying.

Sir Ian McKellen is well known for his differing character roles and highly regarded acting skills, [He is also famous for going around schools reading utterly obscene poems to children. One of them is about a Roman soldier having homosexual lust for the dead body of Jesus. On a famous occasion he dropped his trousers on stage in front of an audience of school children. And he had no underpants.]

The Headteacher at Perry Beeches, Liam Nolan, said he was absolutely delighted to have Sir Ian as the star guest at the school for its bullying awareness week.

He said: ‘We are the most improved school in the country, we are a Birmingham Rep school, and I am an out gay head teacher [and registered sex offender  and known liar] and  he is an out gay leading actor’.

Sir Ian said that ‘We were brought up to be ignorant. When I was at school our head-teacher said he’d never met a gay staff member or pupil in 30 years. Now we have got people of the same gender in civil partnerships.’ [Yes and they are the most likely people to pass on AIDS to each other.]

Whilst the seventy-year-old campaigner highlighted these positives, he also spoke of work still to be done in other schools, stating ‘…there are some schools which would be frightening for me to go to. I wouldn’t get a good welcome at all.’

Sir Ian McKellen is one of many celebrities who use their high profile to support Stonewall, including Dannii Minogue and Derren Brown who have also spoken out against homophobia in the past.

Written by Anna Brown

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