More Truth Than Poetry

While I myself do not have a Facebook page, the man who turned this blog over to me does. I looked at this picture for quite some time and realized just how true it really is. I’ve noticed every time I have an opinion or the admin’s here have an opinion, the queers think its awful and they are the only ones that can have an opinion.

I’m going to throw in the following since I’m a nice guy. LOL

A magazine dedicated to people who see themselves as victims.

Get a free lifetime subscription today courtesy of the Democratic Party and the federal gov’t!

· What, Me Responsible?
· Making Victimhood Pay Off
· Tricks for Turning Dislike Into Hate
· Making Your Behavior Immaterial
· It’s the Society’s Fault!
· Blame Your Parents? We can Help!
· Top 10 ways to get even

Is everything sexist? Ask an expert!
The Next Big Thing: Microaggressions

EXCLUSIVE: Bryce Williams, 41, laments about his lack of sex and reminisces about his days as a $2,000-a-night gay prostitute.



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Making sure people know who the real bullies are.
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