Will GOP run or stand against pink Goliath?

The queers will do everything they can to silence any opposition to them. The gaystapo will come out in force. I realize the queers will think I’m being foolish but it is they that are the foolish ones. They see only what they want to see, and hear only what they want to hear and see only what they want to see. Really, really simple. <ADMIN>

The Georgia governor has caved. Having recently attended the “Mike Pence School of Moral Cowardice,” Gov. Nathan Deal has sided with rainbow radicals and apparently believes pastors should be forced to perform homosexual so-called “weddings.”

The concerns of corrupted business leaders, the NFL and Hollywood are much more important than First Amendment rights.

The good news is that not all Republicans are intimidated by homosexual bullies. Legislators in Georgia may override the governor’s pathetic veto.

Republicans in North Carolina have just acted with courage to decisively overturn a radical Charlotte “bathroom” ordinance.

Of course, the ACLU and other extreme groups filed an immediate federal lawsuit alleging “discrimination” if men can’t enter women’s restrooms. But North Carolina’s GOP leaders did not cave to pressure from the NBA, now proudly inclusive of depravity, which threatened to move the All-Star game.

What happened to real men in pro sports? Or are their spiteful lesbian lawyers calling the shots? Time for some boycotts, sports fans.

The North Carolina politicians did the right thing. GOP officials in South Dakota and Tennessee should act with similar courage.

American has witnessed a few recent examples of GOP spine, standing against the rabid homosexual lobby, but still way too many RINO Republicans yield to “sextremists” under growing pressure from business, Hollywood and professional sports.

Standing up for sexual morality is not a difficult issue, but the pink bullies will confuse the facts wherever they can. They manipulated the South Dakota governor, Dennis Daugaard, into a veto of an excellent measure limiting school bathrooms to use according to biology. He claimed it should be a “local issue.” Those who think his action is reasonable and not cowardly need to check out the victory speeches issued by the Human Rights Campaign, GLSEN and other lavender leftists.

Pretend girls claim they need access to female restrooms to avoid being victims of harassment, but this is false. The obvious solution to feeling unsafe in a bathroom where you don’t belong is to remove the disguise and safely live as the sex revealed at your birth.

Gender confusion is not everyone else’s problem. It’s your problem. It is not the responsibility of the world to rearrange itself to hide mental illness. And while we should extend compassion to such confused people, our tolerance ends at the normalization of instability and perversion, and risk to children.

A Tennessee legislative committee tabled a worthy bathroom bill after gender-confused teens dominated the media and committee hearings, and the governor started worrying about federal funding under Title IX. Yet Title IX has nothing to do with pretend women, and this current application is an Obama invention. No such law has passed Congress, but Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam voiced concerns about funding loss.

So what? Why can’t politicians just do the right thing, not anticipate unjust penalties from non-existent laws?

GOP legislators are sponsoring a sensible new bill in Minnesota. The Democratic governor has pledged a veto, yet the bill is a necessary resolution to privacy invasion by sexual extremists.

Meanwhile, the news from North Carolina is very encouraging. But North Carolina is the rare case. Homosexuals and their government allies often bulldoze around timid Republicans, like the Michigan State Board of Education’s radical new school guidelines for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” which even allow students to define their own gender and play on opposite sex sports teams.

But thankfully, it seems Republicans in Michigan are now pushing back. Let’s hope they stick with the battle.

Some GOP lawmakers seem ready, even eager to cave in to homosexual activists in liberal states. In California, it’s A.B. 1732. Yet a bill in Massachusetts may be in trouble if pro-family forces can prevail in getting H1577 tabled. Mass Resistance was able to stop the bill last year.

The battle in Atlanta came from homosexual allies in the business community, with Coca-Cola, Delta and others siding with sodomy and against Christians.

Brave GOP legislators in Georgia passed the measure ensuring that Christian organizations are not forced to hire or retain employees in conflict with their religious faith, and that no pastor can be forced to perform or attend homosexual ceremonies.

Disney, Marvel and Viacom said they wouldn’t make films in Georgia if the bill became law. The NFL was hinting that Atlanta wouldn’t be considered to host a future Super Bowl if the bill became law.

Where are the real men? Come on, players; you don’t all agree with this position by the league! Someone speak out and say so.

We can pray that the Georgia Legislature does the right thing and enacts an override of Deal’s veto.

A bill similar to Georgia’s just passed the House in Mississippi and now awaits action by that state Senate.

So why do some Republicans cave in? It’s curious, but I think it boils down to three reasons.

One is fear of major donors and businesses co-opted by the oddly growing influence of homosexuals. Two, the major media are overwhelmingly biased in favor of contemporary sexual deviance. The refusal of “journalists” to objectively evaluate the claims of homosexual advocates is truly discouraging.

But with the advent of conservative, Christian media (like the source you are reading now), the whole truth is being told, so politicians have little reason for this excuse.

And standing up for morality and the protection of children is the right thing to do, regardless.

The third major reason is that some in the GOP have been corrupted themselves to believe sodomy is acceptable. Such jaded political hacks fill GOP staff positions and some major offices.

What do we do? Just what we do with children: punish bad behavior and reward good.

Let’s support Republicans who do the right thing. Let’s also work diligently to get the cross-dressers – that is, those who run as conservatives but govern like liberals – out of office, to be replaced with brave warriors ready to face the pink Goliath.

He’s not so scary. Just ask David.

by Linda Harvey

Source: Will GOP run or stand against pink Goliath?

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