I Guess Thomas and Nicole Would Rather Hide Behind Their Keyboards

Yet again Nicole Bonnet and Thomas Mix would rather hide behind their computers than even try to talk to Millard. They block him on Twitter yet talk behind his back. Really smart there morons. You make as much sense as the shit you post.<ADMIN>

Gee Nicole, Millard just wanted to talk to you. Chicken shit. You are nothing more than a keyboard bad-ass. Hiding behind your keyboard like you are really some body special. Ppppppfffffftttttttt!


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Making sure people know who the real bullies are.
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3 Responses to I Guess Thomas and Nicole Would Rather Hide Behind Their Keyboards

  1. Michael R. Fabry says:

    Speaking of public documents….Here is a public document that anyone with an internet connection can download; the protection order agaist Mr. Thomas A Mix who beat his father and so frighten his mother she would not let him back in the home. Persons in Vero Beach who know Mr. Mix and his lesbian sister (who he still bullies) say he is a bully and people should stay away his mentally unbalanced and possibly violent. Oh and he has estranged older sister who is even more of a bully than he is.


  2. WOW!!! This guy really is nuts! That might explain how Nicole Bonnet (IF she is even real) manages to make this moron jump at her beck and call. Was wondering why Mix was hanging around Bonnet…Bonnet is the bully (maybe one of his sisters posing as someone else?). Thanks for answering questions I hadn’t ask yet. 🙂


  3. Hume says:

    #NicoleBonnet1 is not as clever as she thinks she is. I doubt whether she is actually emailing church members. If #NicoleBonnet1 is actually sending emails out, then she is only proving what other blogs have been saying about her that she is one malicious evil person. Not only has #NicoleBonnet1 doxed a child, she defended a person convicted of sexually abusing an underaged girl on Twitter . Not only that, she got people suspended on Twitter for disagreeing with her on the issue of the convicted child molester. To discredit any email by #NicoleBonnet1, all one has to do point out a few blogs to prove just what truly crazy person she is. It is of note that most of the blogs written about her are not complementary and there is good reason for that.. She is truly mentally disturbed, her tweets prove her so.


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