Nicole and her useless sidekick Mix Never Give Up


…Are to simply enhance myself, my writing skills and to interpret my thoughts into words for discussion. I’m hopeful for the future and have set my goals pretty high. I’m getting more level and am staying on top of things. That’s something I wouldn’t had seen five years earlier.

I’m heavily involved in politics. I watch the news everyday. I share news stories that may be interesting to my friends. Writing about it in my own words is going to be a new step forward. It’ll be a good hobby.

I may even write about certain events in my life or actual events that I attend. Not only for a memory but to express the environments set by real people. In advance, forgive the poor grammar and/or spelling.

I hope to write more in the future…

(I’m sure Mix will write all kinds of stupid shit. Maybe even explain to us why Nicole is involved with him). <ADMIN>

Wonder is Mix will write about this as well or is his brain so fried he has no idea what he’s doing. <ADMIN>

Of course one can’t leave out Nicole who is nothing more than a keyboard badass. Like Millard even cares who she sends letters too. She should send one to her shrink.

Someone posted a response to something that was written earlier and I include that here:

#NicoleBonnet1 is not as clever as she thinks she is. I doubt whether she is actually emailing church members. If #NicoleBonnet1 is actually sending emails out, then she is only proving what other blogs have been saying about her that she is one malicious evil person. Not only has #NicoleBonnet1 doxed a child, she defended a person convicted of sexually abusing an underaged girl on Twitter . Not only that, she got people suspended on Twitter for disagreeing with her on the issue of the convicted child molester. To discredit any email by #NicoleBonnet1, all one has to do point out a few blogs to prove just what truly crazy person she is. It is of note that most of the blogs written about her are not complementary and there is good reason for that.. She is truly mentally disturbed, her tweets prove her so.


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2 Responses to Nicole and her useless sidekick Mix Never Give Up

  1. “NicoleBonnet1” is a big COWARD who has made various outrageous claims. He has not done one thing she boasts about. She makes these empty boasts like traveling to a disable senior home tow to “expose” her and have her “monitor. Of course it never happened. She’s even boasted that the North Carolina FBI called very few weeks to update her on that same senior criticism.

    But what is really stunning is the fact that Thomas A Mix, who is clearly operating on a double digit IQ, believes her lies. A few years ago NicoleBonnet1 bragged that she was sending DVD of a woman stalking a young mother to everyone in her hometown; just more posturing from that low life degenerate. No such DVD exists because no such event happened. Just like her lies that she is contacting everyone at Millard’s church. It’s all one big LIE to puff herself up and to incite gullible Mix. She NEVER does what she is boasting about.


  2. Twours says:

    Oh NOOOOOOs eleventy-eleven someone looked at Thomas A Mix’s PUBLIC blog. Call the feds, alert the military.
    What a freaking snowflake. Here is a hint Mix, you degenerate crybaby, if you don’t want to be noticed, put your shit on private.


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