Homosexuals Admit Blame for AIDS

A statement issued today by the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) said “We wish to admit that we are to blame for the AIDS pandemic.”

A spokesman for ILGA said, “We have decided to stop denying our responsibility for causing the AIDS pandemic, which has killed 23 million people worldwide. We brought it on, through our filthy, perverted and promiscuous behaviour. We imposed it on the rest of society. It is not caused by stigma or homophobia. It’s caused by our own actions.”

He added, “After a discussion at our recent conference we have also decided to admit that homosexuals are disturbed people who fake hate-attacks on themselves. We do it because we are attention-whores and we want to smear and slander innocent heterosexuals. We carry out hoaxes all the time to make ourselves look like victims. We fake photographs and videos of “anti-gay” attacks and place them on the internet to fool people that we are oppressed.  I have made a career out of this and I get a salary for it. So do many others. That will have to stop.

He went on, “Homosexuals are very likely to be drug-addicts, alcoholics and violent to each other. It’s because we are maladjusted. Paedophile behaviour is typical of us too. Just look at Mark Newton and Peter Truong. Look at Frank Lombard and the James Rennie gang. Look at Terry Bean, he’s a paedo. Look at Larry Brinkin! It’s time to come clean. People just don’t believe our lies any more, so it is pointless to tell them.

Finally he said, “We have decided to pay reparations to the rest of society for slandering them and causing them so much trouble. We are now currently in negotiation with the UN for the exact figure, which will be raised by a direct tax on homosexuals worldwide for the next thirty years.”


The official statement is on their website dated April 1st 2016.






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