Questioning ‘gay’ lessons gets 4-year-old booted from preschool

A preschool in the Denver area has booted a 4-year-old from its classes, telling her parents her attendance was “not a good fit,” after the parents questioned the cooperative about the books being taught, including those promoting homosexuality and transgenderism.

R.B. Sinclair, of Aurora, told the Denver Post it was her daughter who was thrown out of Montview preschool and kindergarten.

“I think at this age they don’t know what bias is,” she told the newspaper. “They could have kids from Mars and they would still play with each other. It’s not that she isn’t exposed to diversity, because it is the world we live in, but how are they having these conversations?”

The disagreement arose when the girl’s parents “raised questions about books read in their class, including ones that told the stories about same-sex couples and worms unsure about their gender,” the report said.

Sinclair wanted to opt her daughter out of what she viewed as sex education.

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But officials with Montview, who boast on their website that they embrace “diversity and inclusion as essential to a balanced education,” had no tolerance for any deviation from their teaching strategy.

Sinclair reported that she’s uncertain exactly what teaching went on, but said one day her daughter came home and was “worried that her dad might no longer like girls,” the report said.

A meeting with the school followed, and the report said two days later “Sinclair was handed a letter saying it was the girl’s last day in school and that the situation was ‘not a good fit.’”

She explained that her daughter is fully familiar with a diverse community, is part of a biracial family and “has grown up with Muslim and Western culture,” the report said.

“There was no consideration for the bias against my family’s culture, faith and concerns,” Sinclair said of the school, which charges up to almost $800 a month for kindergarten attendance, and lower fees for preschool.

The report said the school dispatched a letter from parent Lance Rushton, a consultant for “inclusion and diversity.”

The letter instructed parents in how they should talk with children about books.

He addresses the inclusion of everyone, regardless of their gender, gender identity, color of skin, cultural identity, religious belief, world view, age, body type, bodily ability, mental ability, family structure, economic status.

He suggested parents find books that interest their child, but screen them for diversity and “an inclusive moral lesson.”

“Pick books that focus on different family structures, belief systems, cultural values and understandings, social position, historical trauma or economic circumstances,” the consultant advised.

The school declined to respond to the Post, or WND, for comment. On Thursday, it had a website statement that it was closed for a school break.

However, the presentation of alternative lifestyles, and a corresponding condemnation of those whose own life choices don’t support those equivalencies, is expanding – even worldwide.

WND reported only a few years ago that an organization in Scotland was delivering DVDs to every primary school specifically to teach children “alternative families.”

A report then from the Christian Institute said Stonewall Scotland, a pro-homosexual organization, had been given almost $20,000 from the Awards for All scheme run by the lottery.

The funding were to be used to pay for DVDs that celebrate same-sex duos, to be delivered to primary schools across the nation.

A related issue arose about the same time in the United States with the adoption in California of a law that allows students to decide which gender they want to be – and to use the locker rooms, restrooms and other facilities intended for that gender.

The conflict moved onto the television cameras, and when a prominent family advocate was interviewed by CNN, along with another guest, he provoked outrage by signing off with a respectful, “Hey, good to talk to you ladies.”

The program hostess was a woman. But the other “lady,” despite maintaining the distinctively female XX chromosomes, had “transitioned” to representing herself as a male.

The sign-off came from Randy Thomasson of, an organization that promotes traditional family values. The group has warned parents for several years already that they should pull their children out of the California public school system because of the sex indoctrination laws the state has adopted in recent years.

Thomasson was on CNN alongside Masen Davis, who works for a transgender-rights group.

Davis had responded: “Thomasson’s attempt to disrespect my own gender identity by referring to me as a ‘lady’ said more about him than me. (I’m not lady, and clearly he is no gentleman),” Davis said. “I am comfortable in my own skin, and proud […]

Source: Questioning ‘gay’ lessons gets 4-year-old booted from preschool


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