Prof defies Catholic university’s order to apologize

Professor John McAdams of Marquette University is responding defiantly to the nominally Catholic university’s threat to fire him if he does not make an apology for saying students have the right to defend traditional marriage.

In an interview with Stephen Bannon on Sirius XM, McAdams had observed he didn’t even really defend traditional marriage itself, just the right of others to do so without being “bullied and demeaned.”

McAdams said he has been suspended without pay for the rest of the year and can only return in January if he is willing to “abase myself” and apologize.

That, the professor says, is not going to happen.

“I’m not going to sign any ‘loyalty oath’ to Marquette’s mission – since I’m, in fact, probably a stronger proponent of Marquette’s claimed mission than the people running the university,” he told Bannon. “But I’m against loyalty oaths.”

He observed liberals once opposed loyalty oaths designed to weed out communists. Now, however, liberals have become the people who demand loyalty oaths in order to eliminate ideological dissidents.

Carl Gallups, pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida, and author of “Be Thou Prepared: Equipping the Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble,” said the case is simply another example in a pattern of anti-Christian persecution.

“We predicted the Supreme Court ‘gay marriage’ ruling would increase the targeting of Christians who insisted on holding to the traditional and biblical model of marriage,” Gallups told WND. “Unfortunately, we are constantly being confirmed as correct. Here is just one more, but blatant, example of what we saw coming. And unless the godless and rebellious ‘gay marriage’ course is reversed, the targeting will only grow more intense.”

Gallups argues the persecution of Christians isn’t some inadvertent side effect of the campaign for same-sex marriage, but was the objective all along for homosexual rights campaigners.

“This kind of targeting and marginalizing of the ‘intolerant’ was the plan of the radical gay agenda all along. The issue of so-called gay marriage was never only about ‘being with the one you love.’ No, the agenda of the radical gays was ultimately to use the ruling as a judicial weapon against what most of the radicals hate most – the Word of God and the people of God. These two things have long thwarted the efforts of the godless, leftist, and radical agenda.”

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Be ready for what’s coming. “Be Thou Prepared,” available now in the WND Superstore.

Paul Kengor, a university professor, historian and author of “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage,” called the case “very troubling.”

“Admittedly, I don’t know every detail of this case, but if this Catholic university is guilty of firing a Catholic professor solely for his professing and defending the multi-millennial Catholic Church definition of male-female marriage – that is, for adhering to the very definition of Pope Francis himself, plus a long line of some 250-plus other popes – then that would be hideous,” Kengor told WND. “If that is indeed the case, then those guilty of mistreating this professor should be ashamed and should cease to refer to their university as a Catholic institution, and the school’s alumni and donors should take careful note.”

But McAdams said Marquette isn’t really much of a Catholic university anyway. Although Marquette is nominally a creation of the Jesuits, “Jesuits are thin on the ground these days,” according to McAdams. The professor said there are few Jesuits in the university’s hierarchy.

What’s more, McAdams said even the Jesuit order itself is no longer a “bastion of Catholic orthodoxy.”

Thus, the Jesuit university essentially follows the same left-wing trends as the rest of academia, including pandering to various ethnic and sexual minorities.

Pope Francis is a member of the order, the first Jesuit Roman Catholic pontiff in history. Some social conservatives have accused Francis of ceding ground on the issue.

Gallups says Christians are going to have to remain steadfast in the face of increasing persecution. But he believes homosexual rights activists are going to overplay their hand.

“By attempting to force the professor to recant, as it were, the radical gay movement is going to create another Kim Davis. They not only want the rest of us to legalize and acknowledge gay marriage, but they also demand we accept it as normal and celebrate it. The overreach I’ve long predicted is already beginning to happen. And we’re going to start seeing more and more of this indoctrination in the public schools and pushed on even the youngest children. This was the plan all along.”

Source: Prof defies Catholic university’s order to apologize

Just a few of the comments:

queers as well as muslims being used for the globalists agenda – as Marx termed it ” useful idiots ”


Shame on Marquette University! It is disgraceful that a revered, private, Catholic university does not embrace freedom of speech. Were is the outrage from the parents of the students? Everyone should be coming to the defense of Professor John McAdams.

I’m fed up with this hypocrisy! College students are nothing more than whiny, spoiled brats who cry about their “safe space” as they yell, scream, and threaten anyone who doesn’t agree with their wishes. These hostile bullies have been indoctrinated by their leftist nutty professors. This indoctrination has got to stop! These hostile students are violating MY safe space. Let’s turn the tables on them.

The gay agenda is just another bully tactic. I am absolutely against transgender bathrooms. Until a boy or man is willing to cut off his penis to show his commitment to his new gender identity, he has NO BUSINESS in a girl’s or women’s bathroom!


There are quite a few men who are willing to let themselves be sexually mutilated, and women as well, in the name of their depraved gender confusion. It is precisely these deranged souls that seek to invade the privacy of the opposite sex. Such pitiful individuals should never be catered to.


This is how the advocates of sin have always operated. First they insist that a sin be understood. Next, they insist that it must be destigmatized. Then they insist that it be forgiven. Then they insist that it be tolerated. Then they begin to demand that it be treated as normal. Then they begin to use academia and popular entertainment to spread the idea that it’s something to be celebrated. Eventually, they push it as a “right”, as something that cannot be argued against, unless you’re a hater. Finally, they assert that it isn’t just normal, but righteous, heroic, even preferable, and anyone who still disagrees becomes the most loathsome of bigots. The homosexuals have moved their pet sin into the final stage.

Meanwhile, their pedophile allies are attempting to move from the first stage to the second. But now that the stage has been set, now that the “social justice” scum have been adequately primed, I suspect that the pedophile movement will successfully skip at least two stages very quickly. Based on the various articles and op ed pieces that liberal rags like Salon have seen fit to publish recently, I suspect that in no more than five years pedophile apologists will be pleading their case to the vapid public on prime time television, and their allies in academia and Hollywood will be hot on their heels to champion their cause.

In less than ten years, you will be told that you are a vile, hateful bigot of the worst kind if you do not willingly and enthusiastically allow your young children to pursue “inter-generational relationships” with child-porking pedophiles. Watch for the term “pedophobia” to emerge in popular media as the latest pejorative against so-called “bigots”.


In 2011 there was a conference in Baltimore, Md. for the purpose of “normalizing” pedophilia. They are lobbying to have the term pedophilia removed from the diagnostic manual, and replaced with “minor attracted persons”, and as you pointed out, inter-generational attracted persons. It is hideous. One of the “highlights” is when self described gay activist and speaker Jacob Breslow said that “children can properly be the object of our attraction.” and added that pedophiles needn’t gain consent from a child to have sex with “it” any more than we need consent from a shoe to wear it .
Also another goal is to lower the age of consent to 10 years old.


Once again the evil and wickedness of homosexuality seeks to force their Godless views upon people who want nothing to do with their sin. So much for freedom of conscience. The gay agenda is utterly absurd in its asinine attempts to force approval of its heinous behavior onto others. It is not going to happen.


I cannot wait for someone to start a huge legal fund that will be only for people like this professor to sue their institutions for millions of dollars to stop all of this crap. Otherwise I believe the liberals will end up on the wrong side of history when the revolution hits the streets with bloodshed. I not advocating bloodshed as I’ve been hoping for many years that the revolution will be at the ballot box but I think that is not going to happen.

The powers to be in Washington and in all 50 state houses of congress are so entrenched in their own hunger for power and money they have forgotten that they are the servants OF the people and not that they are the POWER over the people.

If the revolution does go to the streets, which could happen as it is now more then thirty years past due, then I hope the first place it happens is in those 51 houses of congress and the capital buildings to rid our great country of all of the riff-raff so we can go back to the basics of our incredible Constitution and we can start anew to make America great again.


Why should Professor McAdams apologize for asserting that our Creator made us for heterosexual marriages? As some have already said in this blog, this allegedly Roman Catholic college is not representing that church’s position on marriage, let alone what the Creator, our Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) reveals in Scripture about proper marriage vs. sexual perversions, confusion, and abominations.

In short, there is no such thing as homosexual marriage except in the perverted imagination of the twits who want us all to wallow in gender confusion and cruelty to our fellow-man as the people of Sodom and Gomorrah did. They are in denial of the consequences of their behavior.

May our Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) rescue us from the LGBT subculture and all evils and hasten the time of peace on earth through His ruler-ship, soon to be set up in Jerusalem, ISRAEL, never to be removed from there for eternity, omein!


it’s odd….the LGBT community says it wants the straights to except the gay community with tolerance and nothing less will do…..but yet the gay community wants everyone to bow down to their lifestyle choice and be like them….so in fact they are the ones who are intolerant, not the other way around, they want to force their way onto people, not just except it [which it has been for decades] but they want us to celebrate it and show it to be another sex, to be another type of human, besides man and woman, even when you give them what they want, they want more….hmm, sounds rather hypocritical to me.


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