Franklin Graham: Georgia Governor Nathan Deal “SOLD OUT” To LGBT Agenda!!!

SOLD OUT…   Rev. Franklin Graham is disappointed with Republican Governor Nathan Deal’s veto this morning. Graham said that the ‘conservative’ governor ‘sold out the state of Georgia’ by backing the LGBT agenda and placing people of faith second. Republican Governor Nathan Deal has sold out the state of Georgia. By vetoing the Free Exercise Protection …

{From a someone with a brain: “Do you realize the biggest haters are not the Christians who represent the largest Minority in the country but the LGBT who call the Christians haters. They hate anybody who gets out of Homosexuality, Lesbianism, and the Transgendered lifestyle, namely those who have been delivered by God. These LGBT are the hatemongers. Anybody who leaves the life is treated like dirt by these people. Remember to tell your Congressmen, Senators, Governors, Town Council who the real hate mongers are. Say something on line about the fact that these people can be transformed. See how much hate towards you developes.}

Source: Franklin Graham: Georgia Governor Nathan Deal “SOLD OUT” To LGBT Agenda!!!

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