Supporters call on MassResistance to expand in other states

MassResistance’s recent work in Tennessee helping parents and school board officials confront the national LGBT movement’s push into the schools – as well as our work in other states – has brought calls from supporters and activists to expand our operations elsewhere.

Homosexual activists from across Tennessee came to the local school board meeting to intimidate parents.

But Brian Camenker of MassResistance (left) came to Tennessee and went on the radio with a local parent to help parents across the county to fight back!

A supporter from South Carolina has now offered a $5,000 matching donation to jump-start this expansion. “We want to see more victories,” he told us. “And MassResistance is the best conservative organization to do it.” He’s calling on our supporters to match his offer this week (April 3-9) to get things rolling.

People have approached us about state and local chapters.

To many, this is long overdue. People everywhere desperately want to have an organized way to fight back. From across the U.S., people have approached MassResistance wanting to form a state or local chapter. Besides our base in Massachusetts, there is already a state MassResistance chapter in Virginia. We have received requests and inquiries from local activists in: New Hampshire, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, Minnesota, Iowa, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, New York, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and elsewhere. […]

Source: Supporters call on MassResistance to expand in other states

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