Are There Two Equal Views on Homosexuality? »

Many parents accept the lie that there are 2 equal views: those affirming so-called “LGBT” identities, and those affirming male/female dating and marriage.

Spring is in the air, and that means tulips are in bloom. Birds build their nests.

Homosexual activism explodes in our schools.

I got a call recently from a distraught aunt whose teen niece had “discovered” she’s a lesbian. A long-time close friendship with a very dominant girl three years her senior, her own compliant personality, combined with lots of school propaganda, produced this unhappy outcome.

And it’s hard to put this genie back in the bottle. Not impossible – that’s the good news – but definitely a challenge.

Their sad tales are out there, yet many parents still remain silent – or almost as bad, they accept the false narrative that there are two equal views: one affirming so-called “LGBT” identities, and one affirming sound and healthy male/female dating and marriage.

But this “Neville Chamberlain” posture of presumed neutrality only deepens the roots in public education of anti-Christian, pro-immorality activities like the “Day of Silence,” falsely depicted as an “anti-bullying” event.

The Day of Silence (DOS) is a homosexual propaganda event to be observed in many schools on Friday, April 15, that deceptively wraps peer compassion around tolerance of high-risk behaviors like sodomy and gender confusion. “Remain silent because ‘LGBT’ youth have been silenced for too long!” is the idea.

Well, this would be hilarious if it weren’t ruining kids’ lives. These homofascists are hardly silent. They are the biggest bullies in today’s culture.

Refusal to go along with the DOS message means “kids will commit suicide,” we are told. Such a guilt trip. Such manipulation.

Such a complete scam.

It’s not the only outrageous homosexual lie being sold to America. The lavender axis is livid about the new law in North Carolina denying men the privilege of prancing into ladies’ restrooms. To refuse entry is, to them, the latest example of “discrimination,” even “segregation.” […]

Source: Are There Two Equal Views on Homosexuality? »

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