Behind the Gay Anger There Is Often Deep Pain »

Behind the seething hatred and anger, behind the false accusations and lies, is a massive open wound. The pain is raging through his words.

I had no idea who the man was, but he ended his note to me on Facebook with these words: “You’re a monster, and you do not exhibit anything near ‘Christ’ like. You are a demon. You are a plague on this earth. And that is all I have to say.”

What had I done to provoke him to such anger?

His name was John, and he made things clear in his opening paragraph: “Oh Dr. Brown. Where should I start? You sir are a quivering fool. You express hate, and vitriol towards human beings. You protect individual rights to cause harm to members of a community within the United States. Your hatred has been seen, that you can’t stand the LGBT community, and that for some reason you feel that it is up to you to judge us, and save the world. Sadly sir, I have bad news for you. ITS NOT UP TO FILTH LIKE YOU. Your hate, and your ignorance, is what keeps fueling the fires, which keep this fight going.”

Writing as an openly gay man, he said, “I hope that one day you realize the world is actually a good place with the LGBT community in it. We thrive as individuals, and we are successful as a community. We strive for equal rights just […]

Source: Behind the Gay Anger There Is Often Deep Pain »

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