Tenn. School Board stands up to LGBT agenda – protects students from ‘gay’ club!

The Franklin County School Board takes its vote on the new regulations for all school clubs. Note the pro-LGBT activist (far right) with his chair next to the Board members holding his rainbow “Ally” sign — to try to intimidate them. But the only dissenting vote was the member from the local university (third from left, wearing tie). [MassResistance photo]

There were threats, anger, and intimidation by state and national homosexual activists. But the Franklin County, Tenn., School Board stood up to it. On Monday, April 11, the Board voted 7-1 to institute regulations that would severely restrict – and eventually cause to terminate – the activities of the “gay” GSA clubrecently put into the high school.

This is a huge victory for parents in Franklin County Tenn. While nearby North Carolina, Georgia, and Mississippi are getting pummeled by the LGBT tidal wave, this School Board has displayed outstanding courage and clarity of principle. (The one dissenting vote was by the Board member from the left-wing University of the South. That area has only a small number of children in the county’s public schools – and numerous pro-LGBT activists.)

The new regulations will apply equally to all school clubs. But as we have shown, “gay” clubs are quite different than all the others. They are coordinated by national LGBT organizations, depend on secrecy and deception, give access to un-vetted outside activists, and include information, materials, and student activities that parents consider dangerous and offensive. Those “unusual” aspects will be strongly affected by the regulations.

The battle over the “gay” GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) club at Franklin County High School, going on since January, has been covered extensively on local and even national media. State and national LGBT activists had targeted the school and made the effort a very public cause. But the overwhelming majority of parents in the district didn’t want it. And the School Board listened to them. […]

Source: Tenn. School Board stands up to LGBT agenda – protects students from ‘gay’ club!

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