U.S. kids are GLSEN puppets on ‘Day of Silence’

GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, is using the allegedly student-led “Day of Silence” to raise money to lobby against laws like those passed recently in North Carolina and Mississippi.

The good news is that on the April 15 “Day of Silence,” many students and parents, even a few pastors, stood in peaceful opposition. A great example is the gathering outside East Wilkes High School in Ronda, North Carolina, where students actually walked out of school and together with about 100 people, prayed for those inside the school holding their pro-homosexual silent protest.

Still, this event continued as planned in many schools, taking a stand against responsible, healthy moral values and in favor of a greater “voice” for deviance.

The “Day of Silence” event falsely portrays homosexual behavior and gender confusion as inborn conditions, threatened by the mere existence of male/female norms of dating and marriage, now depicted as the equivalent of “bullying” if overtly supported. Yet this propaganda doesn’t hold up. Many people oppose bullying and also oppose homosexuality.

Ironically, the real victims now are those who publicly object to these behaviors. When homosexual and transgender advocates aren’t blessedly “silent,” they loudly insist that everyone be forced – by law if necessary – to respect their perversions.

The “Day of Silence” is always positioned as “student led.” But the actions of GLSEN paint a different picture.

On April 15, GLSEN sent this email blast:

“Today is GLSEN’s Day of Silence, when students across America highlight the silencing effect of hostile school climates on LGBT students. Given that anti-LGBT legislation is becoming law in states like North Carolina and Mississippi, this year’s GLSEN Day of Silence is more important than ever. By making a donation, you’ll help GLSEN fight discriminatory legislation. Will you please stand in solidarity with our students today and help GLSEN protect their rights? …

“Your support helps GLSEN make schools better the other days of the year, too. With your support, we can offer students the resources and training they need to become leaders, and provide educators with the tools to help transform their classrooms and their school communities …”

So these silent students are actually useful puppets of a multi-million-dollar national child corruption group.

GLSEN needs funds to develop “tools to transform” schools and communities. It has already transformed the minds, tragically, of some teachers as well as students. One teacher at a Naperville, Illinois, middle school posted on Instagram and tweeted that he would be silent all day on April 15 to stand in solidarity.

What more does GLSEN require? Schools already willingly hand them our children.

This national activist group bypasses school boards, school administrators and parents and works directly with students in homosexual clubs which (unsurprisingly) GLSEN helped to start. Through online resources and even legal back-up, 11 to 17-year-old youth become activists manipulated by GLSEN as school change agents.

Confused students rebelling against moral values and their own biology find a willing teacher adviser. Sometimes, the teacher is already a GLSEN-affiliated activist, identifies “questioning” students and suggests the formation of a “gay-straight alliance,” or GSA, club. GLSEN provides step-by-step instructions. The club then proceeds to:

  • Issue demands to school administrators
  • Contact the media to spread misinformation
  • Organize the “Day of Silence” and other pro-homosexual events (Ally Week, Transgender Day of Remembrance, “LGBT” History Month, etc.)
  • Sue the school if it resists this irresponsible advocacy

And indeed, GLSEN has lined up the ACLU and Lambda Legal to assist student activists who encounter resistance. Here’s what Lambda told one student in an online Q&A:

“Lambda Legal’s Help Desk receives many calls and emails from students each year leading up to the Day of Silence. Many of the students who contact us want to know more about their right to participate in the Day of Silence. …

“As GLSEN’s legal partner for the National Day of Silence, we advocate every year on behalf of students whose attempts to participate in the Day of Silence are being thwarted by hostile administrators.”

Some communities are fighting back against adult sex groups manipulating “student” activism. In Franklin County, Tennessee, the school board voted 7 to 1 on April 11 for regulations that severely limit the activities of its new homosexual club.

The rules require parental permission and will monitor the outside influences on all school clubs, including non-school speakers and national activist organizations. The pro-family group Mass Resistance provided substantial consultation to this effort, and Liberty Counsel provided legal advice.

Sometimes that outside influence is nearby, however. A private school, University School of Nashville, or USN, held an event supporting the Franklin County High School homosexual club (GSA). The event became a vehicle for inaccurate information:

“The Day of Silence comes on the heels of another USN gathering that vividly illustrates all of these points and more. This past Friday, in an expression of solidarity and support, the GSA and the Student Theater Guild hosted students from the Franklin County High School GSA, a group that has attracted national attention after a concerted and contentious attempt—ongoing, as of this writing – to revoke their right to meet as a student organization. Over sixty students from both schools met to share a meal, to get to know each other, and to watch the Theater Guild’s production of The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later, a play that depicts the aftermath of the murder of Matthew Shepard, a freshman at the University of Wyoming who, in 1998, was beaten to death because he was gay.”

But no, Matthew Shepard was not “beaten to death because he was gay.”

But no, Matthew Shepard was not “beaten to death because he was gay.” He was murdered by known fellow partiers, one a past homosexual lover, during a drug deal gone bad, according to in-depth investigative reports.

Such inflammatory mythology manipulates kids. Why can’t schools provide facts to counteract such deception?

Franklin County, Tennessee, is starting down the road of taking back its schools.

What will your school do before next year’s “Day of Silence”?

Source: U.S. kids are GLSEN puppets on ‘Day of Silence’

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