Tenn. School Board member confronts LGBT threats

And the bullies are:………the gaystapo, who else! <ADMIN>

When a local school board considers banning or removing a “gay” club from a school, the common tactic of the LGBT movement across the country is to threaten lawsuits and other forms of retaliation. They threaten the school district, and even individual board members personally. This usually works; usually, the board members reluctantly cave in rather than face an expensive lawsuit and malicious harassment.

But in Franklin County, Tenn., MassResistance helped put the school board on a path that was legally secure. We helped them understand that although the LGBT activists are angry and nasty, when you push back and don’t give in, they’re basically cowards. It’s a lot like dealing with 7-year-olds, with their childish name-calling, etc. When you realize that, it’s much easier to deal with them. […]

Source: Tenn. School Board member confronts LGBT threats

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