Homosexual Jordan Brown Fakes Hate Crime to Defraud Cake Shop

We are all sick to death of queers, their hysterical demand for same-sex relationships to be  called “marriage” and the way they attack and bully innocent Christian bakeries and other businesses to participate in their perversion.

Nobody should be surprised that some of these whinging, obsessive cry-bullies are LIARS as well. Yeah, they are combining the gay-cake stunt with the fake-hate-crime-stunt, two of their favourite tricks in one.  And take note  – never, ever trust a man  who claims to be a Christian pastor yet is openly, rampantly queer.

“Rev” Jordan Brown is a greedy, money-grabbing liar. And he’s not even getting “married”!

Whole Foods fights back against alleged cake hoax

He lied to get sympathy and money.  His so-called “church” is seeking funds for new premises. AND we learn from the National Collegiate Student Loan Trust that, as of March 4, Brown owes an unpaid balance of $24,885.25 plus unpaid interest —http://bit.ly/1U6WwJm



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