Have sin-supporting companies lost their minds?


Exclusive: Linda Harvey urges employees to rebel against gender-bending policies

It seems the majority of U.S companies have suddenly gone berserk, hotly defending the “right” of men to use female restrooms.

But are we to believe all their employees have obediently embraced homosexuality and gender-bending, and are also eager to deny the religious liberties of those who don’t?

Are so-called “LGBT” behaviors being welcomed with open arms by Joe and Jane American Worker at Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Coca-Cola, Target, PayPal, Apple, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Time-Warner, Marriott, Hilton, Kellogg, First Data, Amazon and SalesForce? How about the NFL, NCAA and ESPN?


In fact, within these companies there may be revolution brewing. People are fed up with management’s blatant support of harmful, depraved lifestyles that apparently compel people to spitefully and deliberately discriminate against faithful Christians.

Last week, I heard from a woman who contacted me after reading my articles. She has quite a story to tell about being fired from her counseling position by a lesbian supervisor. Her termination wasn’t even related to a dispute about homosexuality, but simply because she was known to be a Christian with a desire to sometimes pray with counseling clients, with their consent.

Here are the details of her story.

More famous incidents are now regular news features. ESPN just fired Curt Schilling because he expressed his opinion about male/female biology– the wrong one. ESPN says it’s “inclusive,” and Schilling’s view is not welcome. And if that makes no sense to you, remember that in this age of “equality,” some viewpoints are more equal than others.

Dr. Eric Walsh faced similar fascism when he was fired from the Georgia Department of Public Health. As a lay pastor in his private life, he delivered a sermon critical of homosexuality.

Speaking of bigotry in Georgia, fire chief Kelvin Cochran was also dismissed in Atlanta because of his biblical views objecting to homosexuality, expressed privately in a book he self-published for a men’s Bible study. But good news: He is counter-suing the city.

A federal civil rights lawsuit has just been filed by the Thomas More Society on behalf of Andrew Cash against Missouri State University for denying him a counseling degree because of his Christian beliefs about homosexuality. Cash was not allowed to complete the program and has been unable to find work in his field after being dismissed.

Has America truly descended to this level?

When Target announced a new policy allowing men access to female dressing rooms, they lost thousands, perhaps millions of customers. American Family Association quickly launched a boycott. Within a few days, they have amassed nearly 600,000 boycott pledges.

I’ve been boycotting Target for several years because of its pro-homosexual and pro-abortion activism. The loss of customers will be felt, so what will conservative Target employees do?

Some may lose jobs if there’s a downturn in sales. So, why not band together and approach management to stop such foolishness?

Or, better yet: Work hard and become management. And then end the promotion of deviance.

The Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, a group of state lawmakers from Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina and other states, just signed a letter sent to top management of the NFL, Big 12, NCAA, Disney and Marvel that said, in part:

“We write to you today because you recently issued statements against religious liberty legislation in various states around the country. …

“Please ask yourselves this question: ‘Do we really want to live in a society where our government may, under the penalty of law, force its citizens to engage in the promotion or solemnization of an act that they find contrary to their conscience and their religious beliefs?’ Your efforts are indeed forging a path that contradicts and undermines the principles and concepts that our founders incorporated as the building blocks of this constitutional republic.”

And yes, that is indeed what is happening. American corporations are undermining our republic. If First Amendment freedoms are eliminated, we can thank Wall Street and good old American business, along with big league sports.

Who would have ever thought this would happen?

What is astonishing is the twisted logic these businesses bring to the table. Responding to my complaint to Marriott, I received a response from “Marriott Customer Care,” addressing me as a “Valued Guest.” Lie No. 1– my opinion matters little to Marriott, apparently.

The letter continued:

“When Marriott takes positions on particular issues, it is because the company believes such positions are in the best interests of our industry, our company, our associates and our guests. We realize that there are many strong opinions about this issue, and we take this matter very seriously.

“The decision of the North Carolina General Assembly to introduce and pass a bill like HB 2 in just a matter of hours, without input from stakeholders, is troubling. We also view a statewide rollback of non-discrimination protections as unnecessary and counterproductive to North Carolina’s efforts to attract travelers and investment. As an advocate for diversity and inclusion, including our friends in the LGBT community, we will continue to respectfully and transparently communicate these concerns to state leaders, our employees and guests.

“We appreciate your business and we hope that every day we deliver the service that you expect and deserve.”

Well, no, they don’t deliver the service I expect and deserve. Lie No. 2– as a woman, I don’t want men in my restroom. This is pretty basic.

Lie No. 3: This is not “diversity and inclusion.” It’s bigotry aligning with immorality, against sound values.

And Lie No. 4, about HB 2. It was not “without input from stakeholders.” The Charlotte measure prompting HB 2 had overwhelming opposition. City council members received petitions against the Charlotte “bathroom bill” signed by 22,000 people and over 250,000 emails opposing the measure.

North Carolina officials are on pretty solid ground with HB 2.

No, the missing input is from customers and the America faith community. The leaders of corrupt corporations don’t care. I think they may have lost their minds.

Source: Have sin-supporting companies lost their minds?

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