LGBT Group Calls for Federal Ban of Single-Sex Bathrooms in ALL Public Schools! »

Sex crimes revolving around men in women’s facilities are becoming commonplace as liberals continue to push their anti-traditional values campaign onto the rest of us, but this fact doesn’t seem to be slowing the liberal march towards cultural insanity.

In the wake of a federal appeals courts ruling that a school must allow a girl to use the boys’ bathroom, LGBT advocacy groups are now demanding that the Obama administration federally mandate the same for all K-12 public schools across the nation.

“We welcome this sensible and very important decision that promotes fairness and dignity for all students, by holding that a trans student who was denied access to a restroom has a valid Title IX claim” of illegal discrimination,” according to a statement from the National Center for Transgender Equality:

In light of this important ruling, we urge the U.S. Department of Education to swiftly issue guidance to all schools regarding their obligations under Title IX. … While many people are still learning who transgender students are and how to treat transgender students fairly, the court has rightly recognized that treating all students with dignity, including regarding restroom access, is the right thing to do—it costs nothing and harms no one.

The major gay advocacy group, dubbed the Human Rights Campaign, also wants the Virginia decision to go nationwide:

This ruling not only gives appropriate deference to the Department of Education’s interpretation of Title IX as allowing transgender students to use school restrooms consistent with their gender identity. … We therefore expect public schools, including those in North Carolina, to immediately comply, ensuring transgender students full protections under the law, which includes full access to the appropriate facilities.

Also, if progressives bar single-sex bathrooms, they’ll quickly bar single-sex locker rooms, admits Ruth Marcus, a progressive columnist writing in The Washington Post.

Last year [in 2015], the department intervened on behalf of a transgender Illinois girl [who is biologically a boy] who said she wanted equal access to the girls’ locker room, and not to be relegated to a separate facility. She wanted — as a mom, my heart goes out to her — “to be a girl like every other girl.” […]

Source: LGBT Group Calls for Federal Ban of Single-Sex Bathrooms in ALL Public Schools! »

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