MA school music teachers told to put LGBT agenda into classes!

Always pushing their useless agenda down a child’s throat. Mass and Calif are both equally useless. <ADMIN>

Now it’s school music classes that are in the crosshairs of the LGBT movement.

The Massachusetts Music Educators Association has published an articlewarning school music teachers across the state that they must provide “LGBTQ-friendly” classrooms or else risk having a “hostile” climate that impairs students’ academic success and mental health.

The article, published in the Spring 2016 edition of the Massachusetts Music Educators Journal, lays out a list of radical steps that music teachers should take in order to provide a “safe learning environment” for students. These include:

  • Incorporate LGBT composers and musicians into the curriculum
  • Change “heterosexual” lyrics in songs to be “queer” – and explain to students that not everyone is heterosexual.
  • Use gender-neutral pronouns, such as “ze” instead of “he” or “she”.
  • Do not use terms such as “boys” and “girls”, or have events where  males and females dress or act differently.
  • Share a list of LGBTQ-friendly resources, organizations, and websites with students. If possible, start a “gay-straight alliance” (GSA) club.
  • Refer students to LGBTQ-friendly guidance counselors.
  • Distribute material from the national LGBT organizations such as GLSEN. Become a proactive LGBTQ ally.
  • Provide homosexual and transgender role models for students. (And come out to your students if you’re L, G, B, T, or Q.)
  • Display LGBTQ “safe space” stickers in the classroom. […]

Source: MA school music teachers told to put LGBT agenda into classes!

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