Shaul Ganon Queer Paedophile Blames “Homophobia” for Shootings in Israel.


Queers love to play the victim. All over the world their strategy is the same. It gets kind of predictable. In 2009 two people were shot at the Bar Noar LGBT youth centre in Tel Aviv. Yes, the queers have brought their bizarre movement even to the tiny and once vigorous, morally upright nation of Israel. As soon as the shootings happened, the LGBTs proclaimed that it was a “homophobic hate crime”. They blamed Orthodox Jews of the Charadi community, a morally strict group that upholds all the Biblical code including its teaching on sexual ethics. Although the LGBTs had no evidence for this smear, they jumped to a conclusion that suited their agenda, held meetings and vigils in memory of the dead, and where speeches were made denouncing the wicked “homophobes” who were presumed to have done this.

        Then the truth started to emerge.  The real target of the attack had been Shaul Ganon, the manager and founder of the centre who was not present on the night of the shooting in August. Ganon, aged 50, had been an activist in the LGBT community for well over a decade and his motives for wanting to work in a youth centre were revealed by the details of the case. The two main suspects, Hagai Felician and Tarlan Hankishayev, were far from being members of the Charadi or any morally strict group.  In fact they had previous convictions for supplying illegal drugs. They were taking revenge on Ganon for molesting Felician’s younger brother, aged fourteen, whom he met at the youth centre (a.k.a. brothel). A close relative of Hankishayev revealed details of the revenge plan to police, enabling them to secure an indictment.

 The case got more and more bizarre as investigation continued. A second person came forward to accuse Ganon of sex crimes. The claimant, a transsexual “woman”, stated that Ganon tried to rape her ten years earlier, before she had gone through gender reconstructive surgery. At the time of the assault, “she” was an under-age male also attending the youth centre. These teenagers went to the centre to get so-called support and guidance for their orientation. The assault took place at Ganon’s home.

LGBT activist connected with the Bar Noar murders, Shaul Ganon, covers his head in the court room.

LGBT activist connected with the Bar Noar murders, Shaul Ganon, covers his head in the court room.

 Ganon at the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court.

Ganon eventaully escaped prosecution by making a deal with the police. He admitted to having illegal relations with underage boys including the brother of Felician and the police dropped all charges as his confession made it possible to get the killers convicted.

VGB says: how many more times will the public swallow these lies about LGBTs being poor little victims and always the underdog? The public must wake up and realize that the LGBT movement is really about some very nasty degenerates who are acting the victim so they can discredit the morally upright people. The problem is not so-called “homophobia”  – the problem is perversion.

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