28% of Transgenders Have HIV

28% of transgender people in the USA are HIV-positive, according to the official figures of the Centre for Disease Research.  That’s even higher than the figures for male homosexuals, which are bad enough (about 25% of them will eventually get HIV in their lifetimes).

Well, what would you expect of people who are mixed-up, disturbed, sexually and emotionally confused, promiscuous and usually unable to form lasting relationships or hold down a steady job. A very high percentage of transgenders are convicted criminals in gaol for violent crime, drug-abusers, and / or prostitutes.

What a wonderful life-style!

If you want a laugh, read how the CDC tries to shift the blame from the  trannies themselves and onto “stigma”. Be honest: stigma never killed anyone, nor did “transphobia” which doesn’t actually exist. All that is just hollow LGBT rhetoric.  They are not “forced to engage in sex work” – they are often enjoying it, and they are refusing to behave in a way that is acceptable to employers and fellow-workers. If they choose to do that, they are to blame.

Many male transgenders enjoy fooling male customers that they are a female prostitute. They do it to prove they can compete with women.

Being deluded about your sex is a symptom of mental illness. Mad people can’t look after their health. They need to be locked up. Having them on the loose like this is a more and more serious threat to public health.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 28 percent of transgender women (biological men) are infected with HIV, a fact that the CDC attributes in part to the “stigma” faced by transgender people.

While 28 percent of transgender “women” test positive for HIV, only 12 percent report being infected, implying that a significant number of transgender “women” either don’t know they have HIV or aren’t reporting it.

Among African-American transgender women, the HIV rate is more than three times that of their white or Hispanic counterparts. The CDC states that 56 percent of African American transgender “women” are infected with HIV, compared to 17 percent of white transgender “women” and 16 percent of Hispanic transgender “women”.

Some of the “factors that contribute to the high rates of HIV,” the CDC states, are “stigma,” “lack of familial support,” and discrimination.


The CDC also lists “receptive anal sex without a condom,” “sex [sodomy] with multiple partners, and exchanging sex for drugs or money,” as some of the factors contributing to the high transgender HIV rates. But the health organization cautions against jumping to conclusions.

The CDC warns that “Individual behaviors alone do not account for the disparate HIV diagnoses among transgender people. Many cultural, socioeconomic, and health-related factors contribute to these diagnoses and prevention challenges in transgender communities.”

For example, the CDC website states, “Many transgender people face social rejection and marginalization that excludes them from participating and functioning in society.”

One of the results of this “rejection and marginalization” is that “[s]ome transgender people who experience poverty rely on sex work to meet their basic survival needs,” the CDC claims.

Thus, the CDC claims, the social rejection and marginalization that transgender people face can “force” them to engage in sex work and become infected with HIV. According to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, 42 percent of transgender women report engaging in commercial sex work.

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