Why the Left Hates Inequality & God

Why is equality so trendy?  On most college campuses you hear about “marriage” equality, income equality, gender equality, and social equality.   What does all this egalitarianism really mean?

What is equality?

There is a big difference between true equality and egalitarianism.  While true equality among men is good and comes from our shared human nature, egalitarianism is a liberal worldview that paints all legitimate inequalities as evil and strives to eliminate them.  The Left is addicted to this false religion of leveling, because it really doesn’t care about true equality — it only cares about egalitarianism, which it calls “equality.”

Under the banner of equality, for example, the French Revolution justified regicide, acts of terror, and the persecution of the Church.  French Revolutionary leader Robespierre said:  “It is not enough to have overturned a throne; our concern is to erect upon its remains holy Equality…”

Under the same banner of equality, communist and socialist regimes tortured and snuffed out millions upon millions of lives.  And right now, under the very same banner, the homosexual revolution is tearing down moral values and attacking the definition of natural marriage.

Deep down this attempt to do away with all natural differences is a direct attack against God and His plan for creation. […]

Source: Why the Left Hates Inequality & God


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