Pastor in Prison for Resisting Lesbian Child-Stealer

Isabella Miller and her mother Lisa Miller, of Vermont, are in hiding in Nicaragua because an evil court in Vermont USA wants to steal Isabella and give her to a lesbian who is not her mother or even her adoptive mother. Since they defied a court order and fled, they are being hunted by the CIA. 

The world really has gone mad. 

Lisa formerly had a lesbian relationship with Janet Jenkins, an aggressive lesbian activist of Vemont USA, but when she  ended the relationship and returned to being a Christian, which was her upbringing, Jenkins was determined to get custody of the child. She went to court and a mad, evil judge award her custody of Isabella despite the fact that their civil partnership had lasted only three years and Jenkins had no blood relationship to the girl, who was conceived by artificial insemination.

Lisa turned for help to a Christian pastor named Rev Kenneth Miller, who is no relation to her or her daughter. Kenneth helped her to flee the USA and find refuge abroad, where she and her daughter can live in peace without bullying from the vicious Jenkins. 

LGBT websites spewed out a lot of lies and hatred about Mrs Miller,  wrongly called Jenkins the girl’s “mom” and bellowed for severe punishment for those who had dared to defy the rotten court decision.


Rev Miller was convicted of so-called “kidnapping” in 2013, and despite this refused to release the names  of people who had helped Lisa escape. His appeal to a Federal court failed, and since March 22nd he has been in prison in Petersburgh, Virginia. Facing a 27-month sentence, he sends this brave message to all his sympathisers and supporters. 

“As non-resistant bearers of the Truth, we should not sit by as ‘the quiet in the land’ while society around us falls into ruin.  Our lives should be a prophetic protest, an exposé of Satan’s tyranny, and we should not hesitate to oppose His lies with the Truth, by word and action.”

“Here at FCC Petersburg, I am greatly privileged to stand with Lisa in her quest for Truth and Freedom,” Miller wrote in March before entering prison. “Some things can never be locked up inside prison walls. Truth. Conscience. Moral righteousness. And the saving Gospel of Jesus.”

To write to Kenneth Miller:

FCC Petersburg Low
Kenneth L Miller 08464-082
P.O. Box 1000
Petersburg, VA 23804


Rev Miller is a Victim of Gay Bullying.



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