California MassResistance protests at Target store!

Our newest chapter is California MassResistance, based in the Los Angeles area. Just officially formed this month, it has started off by taking to the streets! Last Saturday, May 14, they staged a successful demonstration and protest in front of the Target store in nearby Torrance, CA, led by the new group’s fearless director, Arthur Christopher Schaper.

Pro-family people are reacting to Target’s outrageous “transgender bathroom” policy in various ways. They’re signing petitions and sharing articles. But that’s not enough.

There’s nothing quite like actually protesting and engaging people in front of a big store on a busy day. The California activists came from Torrance, and also neighboring towns of Upland, Long Beach, and Bellflower. The store is located right on a wide public sidewalk – a perfect place for a group to stand with signs and leaflets.

It was quite successful! Not surprisingly, the Target management wasn’t pleased, nor were local liberals who stopped by. They did their best to chase the protesters away, but California MassResistance wasn’t about to be intimidated!   […]

Source: California MassResistance protests at Target store!


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