MercatorNet: America’s bathroom battle – by the book

Last Friday the Obama administration issued “guidance” that public schools should allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identity. This new rule throws the federal government’s weight into a battle over a North Carolina law (of March 2016) stating that students must use the bathroom matching the gender assigned them at birth. Pundits have noted that the Obama edict is a pitch to the liberal (and younger) vote in the election contest. In the following, US writer Leslie Loftus explains how the situation developed.

Why are there so many discussions about men in women’s restrooms with everything else going on in the world and in the States?

In 1964, when Congress was debating the Civil Rights Act that would end racial  segregation, a segregationist Democrat senator from Virginia, amended the bill to include sex discrimination. He intended it as a poison pill, and while the CRA 1964 passed, sex discrimination still got mocked.

As many saw discrimination in higher education as the biggest public obstacle for women in professions, the ultimately-failed Equal Rights Amendment had a provision ending sex discrimination in education. That provision became “Title IX” when Congress passed education laws in 1972.

Until recently, Title IX was most (in)famous for regulating collegiate sports. Schools had quickly complied with accepting women in equal number, but athletic scholarships became an equality issue. […]

Source: MercatorNet: America’s bathroom battle – by the book


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