Yes, Your President Is A Fool….Read On…

Millard ask me to post this missus any names. The idea here is to make Obama pound sand instead of someone else’s ass. <ADMIN>

We are learning some even more shocking facts of Obama’s unconstitutional bathroom edict, and the ramifications are far worse and far more extensive than the media is letting on. Here are three…

1. No Medical Requirement. According to the Obama Edict, “there is no medical diagnosis or treatment requirement that students must meet” to establish him/her as transgender. This means that any boy can announce himself/herself as transgender at any time and the school must comply immediately. As World Net Daily reports, in theory a boy could decide he is a girl in the morning, change back to a boy for lunch, and then revert to a girl for gym class.

2. Not just bathrooms and locker rooms. Everything is impacted in our schools, far beyond bathrooms and locker rooms. Housing for field trips and overnight sporting events, sports participation, mentoring groups — anything in which boys and girls are in any way separated or treated uniquely. Add to the list the radical transformation that will take place in housing on university campuses.

3. 40,000 child-on-child sex crimes in 2014. Child-on-child sex offenses are not rare, by any means. The Bureau of Justice reports that there were more than 40,000 children who were victims of sex offenses by other children in 2014. Obama’s policy removes natural protections for our children and opens the floodgates for sexual perversion and child-on-child sex offenses.

Let’s be clear that this never has been about protecting a group of people. The agenda is to destroy any basis for male-female distinction in society beyond the person’s individual choice.

And now we know the back story on this decree reveals what even the far-left New York Times called a “highly orchestrated campaign” by transgender rights advocates working deep inside the Obama Administration.

The Obama administration worked hand-in-hand with radical, transgender activists on an orchestrated campaign to push an agenda that puts our children at risk and tears apart the very fabric of our society at its foundation.

+ + Fax Your Missouri Governor Now!

We need to take a stand, and the battle line is right in Missouri.

Several states are fighting back, but your Missouri governor and congressional leaders need to year from you.

As I noted, this week we want to flood elected officials with 10,000 faxes urging them to Protect Our Children In Public School Restrooms! Will you help meet this goal?

Steve Elliott

P.S. Let’s flood the Missouri governor’s office with hundreds of faxes today! Go here.

Source: World Net Daily


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